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Ensenso 3D camera caring for health in the U.S.

Robotic Pharmacy Order Fulfillment System with Ensenso

Health is our most valuable asset. If nevertheless we need a medicinal product, we are spoilt for choice between drops, creams, pills or syrup. Just as diverse as the texture of the drugs is the type of packaging in relation to shape, size, material or other characteristics. Our Ensenso Stereo 3D camera facilitates logistics for the pharmaceutical industry in the U.S.

In June, the RX Unit Pick Workcell was officially presented to the public. With the help of our Ensenso N20 it recognizes each item, verifies the unique National Drug Code (NDC) and prepares it for automatic patient labeling. Speed and accuracy were the main reasons for the decision of Universal Robotics to use our Ensenso Stereo-3D-camera with GigE interface.

“IDS Imaging has been a trusted partner of Universal Robotics for several years.  Their Ensenso 3D sensor provided both the accuracy and speed needed for the extreme bin picking requirements of the robotic pharmaceutical unit pick workcell. The long term reliability of the Ensenso unit helps us ensure long-term customer satisfaction in critical operations”, mentions Hob Wubbena, Vice President, Universal Robotics.

“100% validation at high speed with unlimited items is a major breakthrough in materials handling,” explains David Peters, CEO, Universal Robotics.

Side effects: The pharmaceutical industry is faced with reducing both delivery costs and response time, often while facing a shortage of skilled laborers, while prescription drug fulfillment volume continues to increase. The RX Unit Pick Workcell offers great opportunities to escape from this dilemma.

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