Available soon: USB 3 uEye CP with Sony IMX174 sensor

The new year begins with outstanding news: This February 2015, our completely re-designed next  generation of USB 3 uEye CP cameras with Sony IMX174 sensor will be available from production.
The new 2.3 MP IMX174 sensor by Sony sets a new standard in terms of light sensitivity, dynamic range, and color reproduction. This camera model provides excellent image quality with extraordinarily low-noise performance. The sensor is ideal for applications demanding excellent image quality, even under low-light conditions, such as fluorescence microscopy, intelligent traffic systems, and high-end surveillance applications. A special sensor feature, enabled only by IDS, allows this camera to be operated with long exposure times of up to 30 seconds.
With its industry standard dimensions of only 29 mm x 29 mm, and its extremely light and robust magnesium housing, the USB 3 uEye CP is well suited for use in a wide variety of challenging industrial and scientific environments.

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