New next-generation USB 3.0 industrial cameras

IDS USB 3 uEye CP CMOS camera with e2v sensors and ON Semiconductor sensors
The popular CMOS sensors from ON Semiconductor and e2v are now available in our second camera generation of the USB 3 uEye CP series, providing integrated image memory.
The 5 MP ON Semiconductor sensors in our UI-3480CP Rev. 2 (monochrome) or UI-3580CP Rev. 2 (color) are suitable for classical machine vision tasks as well as for microscopy and medical applications. Providing 60 fps, the e2v sensors in our UI-3240CP Rev. 2 (1.3 MP) or UI-3250CP Rev. 2 (2 MP) are perfect for use in machine vision, traffic monitoring and quality assurance. The 1.3 MP sensor from e2v is also available as NIR version. Only at IDS: many features of the e2v sensors e.g. switching between rolling shutter and global shutter, multi AOI, long exposure up to 10 seconds, and linescan mode.

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