USB3 Vision for IDS’ camera series ML and LE

The camera models 324x, 325x, 348x and 358x of the ML and LE series are now available with USB3 Vision. They allow an individual and universal use in machine vision applications.

“Users who are looking for 100% support for the USB3 Vision standard should choose the U3V models,“ as Torsten Wiesinger (CEO) says, “if users want to benefit from the full potential and features of our uEye cameras and the latest sensors, they should go for our USB 3.0 models with IDS Software Suite.” So users have their personal freedom of choice, the advantages they want to benefit. This option is unique in the market!

Users who opt for USB3 Vision, follow the standard for 100%. To ensure a wide range of useful features the USB3 Vision standard does not provide, they should decide for IDS Software Suite. Switching between both versions at a later date is easily possible only for customers of IDS’ industrial cameras.

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