Update: current market situation

Full commitment to your projects

Update on the current market situation

The strong growth in global demand for semiconductors and raw materials in combination with recurring regional corona outbreaks and the accompanying lockdowns lasting several weeks are also causing longer procurement and delivery times, as well as price increases in the machine vision industry. We do not expect the general situation to ease until next year.

Update: current market situation

Our countermeasures

IDS has taken these developments into account at an early stage in procurement, warehousing and production and has taken a wide range of measures to continue to guarantee you the most reliable delivery dates and competitive delivery times possible. Stock levels have been constantly increased for relevant components, and sensor availability is still given for most IDS camera models. Nevertheless, the situation is volatile due to the boom in demand. A daily change due to "force majeure" cannot be entirely ruled out.

All our employees work with enormous commitment to ensure the best possible supply for you. We are in daily contact with all relevant suppliers in order to identify any bottlenecks at an early stage and to initiate countermeasures in good time. In addition, our development and purchasing departments work on identifying, releasing and using alternative components and suppliers. Our requirements planning and procurement extend far into the year 2022.

Your options

We recommend planning your projects in advance. Contact us as early as possible for larger quantities or blanket orders. Our sales team is regularly updated with the latest information on delivery times and supply chain challenges and is always at your disposal for information, planning or the offering of alternative products. This is how we can overcome these challenges together.

As always, we appreciate your business, as well as your patience and will continue to do our best to serve you.