IDS Vision Channel: Invitation to the "Fair - Highlights" focus event

IDS Vision Channel: Invitation to the "Fair - Highlights" focus event

Free "3-in-1" online event about our fair novelties on October 26th at 3 p.m. CEST

Our focus event "trade fair highlights" is dedicated to the follow-up of the VISION. You were unable to attend the trade fair yourself or would like to recapitulate your visit in peace? You have a further interest in the technologies of our 3D or AI trade fair innovations and would like to deepen your knowledge? Then we invite you to follow our October session on the IDS Vision Channel - from the comfort of your own home.

On screen we bring you an entertaining interview about our product innovations, a presentation of the new Ensenso S camera and our expert talk from the Industrial VISION Days on the trendy topic of image processing with artificial intelligence.

Session 1: "messweb Klappstuhl visits IDS"
(Duration: approx. 15 minutes)

Dirk Schaar, editor-in-chief and managing director of, visits us with his messweb folding chair at our headquarters in Obersulm. In addition to the latest IDS product innovations for the field of digital image processing, current topics such as this year's challenges in attending VISION Stuttgart as well as the current problematic supply situation due to the shortage of components will also be discussed.

Session 2: "Compact and cost-effective industrial 3D Imaging"
(Duration: approx. 20 minutes + Q&A)

In a wide range of applications the focus of 3D camera technology is not on the highest accuracy and clock rates, but rather the budget-friendly use. For this purpose, manufacturers such as Ensenso are using new technologies that are cost-efficient, universal and still meet industrial requirements. In this session we will show you the new compact Ensenso S camera, which generates robust 3D data with a laser pattern triangulation accelerated by Deep Learning technology. Combined with the proven flexibility of the Ensenso SDK, it brings industrial-grade 3D technology into price-sensitive projects.

Session 3: "IDS NXT AI Vision - simple, complete and comprehensible"
(Duration: approx. 20 minutes + Q&A)

Many companies lack the expertise and time to familiarise themselves in detail with the topic of "image processing with artificial intelligence". When deciding for or against the implementation, insufficient acceptance of and trust in the technology also play a role due to limited control and certification possibilities. These aspects were given priority in the development of IDS NXT ocean. It is not just an inference camera platform that can efficiently execute artificial intelligence, but a complete system with optimally coordinated components.