VDMA Film: Mechanical Engineering meets Young Professionals

Young professionals are consistantly finding attractive jobs in mechanical engineering; hardly any other industry is so versatile and brings together differing disciplines so frequently. According to the latest VDMA (German Engineering Association) Engineering Survey, the number of mechanical engineers is currently at a record 199,800. Compared to the previous survey in 2016, this is an absolute increase of 9,200 jobs.

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Camera system minimizes health risks when consuming seafood products

Over 6 million metric tons of fish are processed in the European Union every year. They are subject to strict legal controls in order to minimize health risks for consumers.

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Series production: uEye CP cameras with 20 MP Sony sensor

When applications require capturing the smallest details, high-resolution images with low noise are a must. Both are qualities that characterize the 20 MP IMX183 sensor from Sony (5536 x 3692). The sensor is now available in the uEye CP camera models with USB3 Vision interface, which measure only 29 x 29 x 29 mm.

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Many thanks and relaxing holidays!

Even more individual, even simpler, even smarter - a review of our new products 2019:
There is the modular principle of our uEye ACP cameras, or the new Ensenso XR 3D camera with integrated data processing. Our new SDK IDS peak simplifies the handling of vision cameras and the intelligent IDS NXT rio & rome redefine industrial cameras. Last but not least: With IDS ocean, even non-specialists can train neural networks in a short time.

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Now available: Industrial-grade inference cameras

An inference camera can apply its "knowledge" acquired through deep learning to new data. Since IDS NXT cameras have a special AI core, neural networks are executed hardware-accelerated and run directly on the devices. This enables inference times of a few milliseconds. The IDS NXT rio & rome models are not only intelligent, they are also consistently suitable for industrial use – and are now available in series.

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Topping-out ceremony at IDS "b39" innovation and technology centre

Only nine months after breaking ground for our "b39" Innovation and Technology Centre we celebrated the topping-out of the building with a ceremony of the on November 21. Around 3,500 m³ of concrete have been used. "The shell was completed on schedule," explained project manager Jan Hartmann with satisfaction. Work on the interior of the 23,000 m³ site, which will provide jobs for 200 employees, has already begun.

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Train instead of program

Deep learning enables new applications for industrial image processing which previously could only be solved with great effort or not at all. The new, fundamentally different approach to classical image processing causes new challenges for users - a rethink is necessary.

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Get started now: IDS NXT ocean design-in kit

Inference allows tasks to be solved automatically that rule-based image processing could not solve at all or only with great effort. This enables completely new applications. With the IDS NXT ocean design-in kit, you get all the components you need to create, train and execute your individual neural network.

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All-in-one AI solution: Market launch of IDS NXT ocean

A few simple steps to your inference camera: As of now, IDS offers an end-to-end solution for AI-based image processing, with which even non-specialists can independently train and implement an artificial neural network (ANN) within a short period of time. From camera hardware including a self-developed AI core to training software for creating individual neural networks and support, every component comes from a single supplier - this is unique in the vision market.

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Meet us at AgriFoodTech 2019 in Hertogenbosch

On December 11th and 12th the latest high tech and IT innovations, products, services and (research) projects for the Agri & Food sector are presented at AgriFoodTech in Hertogenbosch. Topics such as the Food Factory of the future, robots or more effective and efficient machines will be taken up to anticipate on the world’s need for food, address scarcity and respond to the changing food chain.

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Real-time quality inspection of adhesive beads with uEye LE board level cameras

Bonding has become a key technology in the modern automotive industry. According to the Industrieverband Klebstoffe e.V. (the adhesives industry association), a car today contains around 15 - 18 kg of adhesive and runs through dozens of gluing systems during production. Bonding is becoming more and more a new alternative to welding, screwing or riveting. The reasons are simple: safety and economy. But to be able to guarantee this, a high-precision adhesive and sealant application is necessary.

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Create individual cameras using the uEye ACP configurator

Wherever standard solutions for applications are not suitable, customised products are required. However, development and cost expenditure are often disproportionately high, especially with small projects. uEye ACP cameras can be easily adapted to your requirements thanks to various interfaces, extensions and image sensors - and are economical even for small quantities.

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Meet IDS at Robotics & Automation - Booth 614

On October 29th and 30th, Robotics & Automation - the UK's largest dedicated robotics and automation exhibition will take place in the Ricoh Arena, Coventry.

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Self-learning robots solve tasks with the help of an Ensenso 3D camera

Trying out different approaches is one of the classic learning methods. Success or failure decides which technique is adopted and thus learnt. This principle can be transferred to the world of robots.

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Waterproof lenses with selectable apertures

Now available: C-Mount lenses from Kowa's LM-JCM-WP series with focal lengths from 5 to 50 mm. They are suitable for sensors up to a size of 2/3" and highly durable thanks to IP65/67. Thus are particularly suitable for our robust uEye FA camera family.

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The new XS - mini camera with autofocus

The combination of tiny body and large functionality turns our 5 MP uEye XS camera into a true all-rounder. With dimensions of 26.5 x 23 x 21.5 mm and a weight of only 12 g, it fits anywhere. Possible applications include embedded systems, logistics applications and medical or security technology.

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Series production: uEye CP cameras with 20 MP Sony sensor

When applications require capturing the smallest details, high-resolution images with low noise are a must. Both are qualities that characterize the 20 MP IMX183 sensor from Sony (5544 x 3694). It will be launched in October within the uEye CP camera family with USB3 Vision interface.

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Embedded 3D vision

If large volumes or several object views are to be checked automatically by 3D cameras, e.g. on constantly running production lines in the automotive industry, high-resolution 3D result data must be generated and processed quickly.

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Ensenso XR: 3D camera with integrated data processing

Ensenso XR are IDS' first 3D cameras with data processing via FPGA. They are as modular as the X series and deliver 3D data directly from the camera. The new family initially includes XR30 and XR36 models, which feature IP65/67 protection and 1.6 MP Sony sensors.

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High-efficient robotic cell with Ensenso stereo 3D camera

Globalization is speeding up product comparisons and supply cycles. In the robotics market, smaller manufacturers can only prevail over market leaders in the long term through high technical competence and innovation in niche segments. 2D image processing has not been a niche for a long time. The situation is changing in the 3D sector.

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Discover our novelties at Automation Expo, Mumbai

From 25th to 28th September 2019 Asia's leading Automation and Instrumentation Exhibition, Automation Expo 2019, will take place at Bombay Convention and Exhibition Centre, Mumbai.

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Automatic visual inspection system for die cast parts for the automotive industry

Die cast parts made of aluminium and magnesium alloys are increasingly being used in the automotive industry. Their advantage is that they significantly reduce vehicle weight. Zero-defect quality at the lowest possible cost is an essential requirement. Automation is therefore the magic word, especially in the areas of production and processing.

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Anyone who wants to develop machine vision applications today, can hardly avoid the generic interface GenICam of EMVA.

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IDS peak simplifies handling of Vision cameras

Stand still instead of moving forward? That doesn't fit either with IDS nor with the rapidly evolving image processing industry. For this reason, IDS peak will replace the IDS Vision Suite. The new SDK for Windows, Linux and Linux embedded simplifies the development of applications for Vision cameras. All products of the IDS NXT platform will also be integrated in a later development stage of the SDK.

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More than 100 new USB3 Vision camera models!

IDS will expand its USB3 Vision camera range by more than 100 models over the coming weeks - this means we integrate the entire range of Sony sensors which are already available with GigE Vision. The new cameras can be used with IDS peak, our brand-new, hardware-independent SDK.

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On a voyage of discovery with IDS cameras

Germany's largest Science Centre, experimenta is located in Heilbronn, Germany: since April 2019, it offers around 275 exciting exhibits in three exhibition worlds on an area of around 25,000 square meters. IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH is a partner of experimenta: cameras from nearby Obersulm, Germany are integrated in seven stations and contribute to exciting and sometimes amazing insights.

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New Sales Director Japan Oceania and further expansion in APAC South East

With immediate effect, Kazushi Iwamuro expands our team in Asia. As Sales Director for Japan and Oceania, he will take care on the expansion of our market activities there. This is our response to the growing demand for IDS cameras in the strategically important market APAC.

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Bikefitting system with IDS camera leads professional athletes to success

In professional cycling, the avoidance of injuries plays an important role alongside the pursuit of increased performance. Excessive repetitive pedal movement and incorrect posture on the bike can cause functional and biomechanical dysfunctions that lead to pain and loss of performance.

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IDS NXT rio & rome nominated for inspect award 2020

The jury of the inspect award has made its preselection. Now it's your turn! With your vote, you decide which new product is really innovative and offers the greatest benefit for the user. Our IDS NXT rio & rome industrial cameras are listed in the "Vision" category.

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Automatically in focus

The new contrast-based autofocus expands the capabilities of IDS uEye LE AF board level cameras.

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IDS at the Vision, Robotics & Motion 2019, NL

According to the motto "The future of human-robot collaboration within the manufacturing industry" The Vision, Robotics & Motion wants to provide its visitors everything needed for a more reliable, safer, and faster production using automation and robotics.

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"Image to information" with NXT Machine Vision

Intelligent, networking devices are indispensable for future-oriented industrial processes. These cyberphysical devices communicate via standardised communication protocols to exchange valuable process information.

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"App your camera" - there's more than meets the eye!

The IDS NXT rio & rome models can replace other GigE Vision cameras without the need for special programming. With Smart GenICam and AI-supported image processing, they provide added value that standard cameras cannot provide.*

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Be among the first to get an IDS NXT rio or rome

The vision app-based camera families IDS NXT rio & rome were introduced as prototypes at VISION and will be available as design-in samples* starting this month. Customers can choose between different protection classes (IDS NXT rome comes with IP65/67), sensors and variants with artificial intelligence.

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"Dynamic Vision App for HALCON"

With the "Dynamic Vision App for HALCON" you can easily execute your image processing tasks developed with HALCON on an IDS NXT camera.

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15 years IDS USB industrial cameras

In April 2004, the first IDS industrial camera with USB interface was launched. At this time, the latter was considered unsuitable for industrial use. "We were smirked at initially," recalls company founder Jürgen Hartmann. "But we made USB suitable for industrial use."

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Automatic quality control in car body construction in real time

In the quality control of components in automotive body construction, the detection of errors in dimensional accuracy holds great potential for optimising the production process. The CAMEO image processing system developed by the French company Prodeo for the automotive industry reliably helps in this respect. It enables automated image capture, file management and storage, as well as real-time image processing and quality diagnosis.

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Focus easily - without touching the lens

Liquid lenses allow you to quickly switch between different focal areas. With our USB 3.1 Gen 1 board level cameras featuring liquid lens control and software-based autofocus functionality, the focus can be easily readjusted using the user interface of the uEye Cockpit or the API.

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IDS Software Suite 4.92 available for download

As per usual, the release is downward compatible and additionally supports the upcoming new camera models UI-1007XS and UI-3040LE. For the uEye LE AF board level cameras, it enables the development from "Active Focus" functionality to software-based autofocus.

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Jeremy Bergh elected as a member of the AIA Board of Directors

The President of our North America office, Jeremy Bergh, is elected as a member of the board of AIA – The Association for Advancing Vision + Imaging. Bergh is thus committed to the interests of more than 360 member companies from 32 countries.

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Silver for IDS NXT rio & rome

For the fifth time, the American trade magazine "Vision Systems Design" has presented the Innovators Award to products and solutions in the field of image processing.  Our vision app-based cameras IDS NXT rio & rome received "Silver" in the category "Embedded vision" and are thus considered one of the most innovative products in image processing.

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Japanese Deputy Economics Minister visits IDS

As part of his trip to Germany, the Japanese Deputy Economics Minister Hirofumi Takinami visited our development and production site in Obersulm at the beginning of April. IDS was the only stop in Baden-Württemberg before the Japanese delegation travelled on to Bremen and the Hannover Messe.

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Visit us at Control in Stuttgart

Artificial intelligence for industrial image processing: At Control 2019, IDS is showing a 2D industrial camera that interprets image data "on the edge" using an artificial neural network (ANN). In hall 6, booth 6401, you can witness this AI-based object classification live.

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Alternatives after Fax deactivation

The history of the fax machine goes back to the year 1843. On April 30th, 2019, it will come to an end - at least regarding its usage at IDS. From this day onwards, the technology will be replaced by other communication channels, both at our headquarters and the branches.

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IDS Industrial Vision Days - registration open

The IDS Industrial Vision Days in mid-May are a great possibility to get in-depth information on our products and learn more about market trends such as artificial intelligence, deep learning and robot vision. With interesting lectures, product demonstrations and carefully chosen venues, we guarantee an exciting and instructive experience.

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Mobile system for testing composite materials with USB 3.0 uEye LE cameras

Composite materials generally combine the favorable properties of their individual components. For this reason, they are used extensively in industrial applications. However, the inhomogeneous structure of the material must also be taken into consideration. During machining, for example, fraying and chipping can occur on bores or milled edges.

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Line scan mode with one click

Benefit from the new "User Set Control" starting with IDS Vision Firmware 1.7 by saving and reloading optimally configured camera settings very easily.

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Sony STARVIS sensor provides excellent image quality

The new uEye CP cameras with GigE or USB3 interfaces featuring Vision Standard and IMX226 will be available at the end of April. The high-resolution 12 MP Rolling Shutter CMOS sensor is very light-sensitive and excels at the same time with particularly low noise levels.

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Visit IDS at Automate in Chicago

Held once every two years in the United States, Automate is the broadest automation solutions event in North America, aiming to give you an overview of the automation industry. Visit the IDS Inc. team at booth 9528 and learn how our cameras and solutions help with your automation projects!

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Exact trimming of foam parts with Ensenso 3D camera

For companies in the automotive industry, the conditions placed on original equipment manufacturers and suppliers are immense in order to ensure high quality and continuous improvement, waste reduction and error minimisation.

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One for all: IMX273 will soon also be integrated into the uEye LE family

Thanks to its enormous sensitivity, low noise levels and high dynamic range, the 1.6 MP Global Shutter CMOS sensor excels in a wide range of applications. The integration in all our uEye camera families is therefore a logical next step.

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uEye XS mini industrial camera back in the spotlight

A discontinued sensor board in 2018 spelled the temporary end for our versatile uEye XS camera. For IDS, however, this was no reason to give up on this little all-rounder. April will feature the launch of the UI-1007XS model, which is extremely similar to its predecessor in terms of performance, appearance and functions.

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Start of construction of "B39" technology centre

The ground-breaking ceremony on February 25th marks the start of the largest expansion in the history of IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH. The innovation and technology centre "B39" will provide jobs for 200 employees. In addition, a staff restaurant and event rooms for lectures and conferences with up to 200 persons are planned.

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IDS NXT rio and rome awarded with inVISION Top Innovation 2019

The German trade magazine inVISION has chosen our brand new IDS NXT camera families rio & rome, presented at the VISION trade fair, as Top Innovation 2019.

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Sales increase far above industry average

The sales growth of IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH remained above average at around 20 % even in 2018. Sales rose particularly strongly with approx. 50 % in Asia, but we also recorded growth of about 20 % in the USA and Europe. "The investments in new branches are paying off," explains Jürgen Hartmann, company founder and owner. "We now generate more than 50 % of our sales abroad." IDS cameras with USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 interfaces are among the bestsellers.

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Recognised. Picked. Packed.

Short cycle times, little scrap, minimal stock-keeping - the factory of the future is networked and highly economical. An important component here is industrial image processing.

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Sourcecode examples and revised manual "Development of vision apps" available

IDS NXT industrial cameras provide tremendous opportunities to realize individual image processing applications. Thanks to vision apps, the functionality of the devices can be altered at will. If you want to create your own apps with the Vision App Development Kit, useful app information can be found on our website.

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GigE Vision Firmware 1.7 introduces new features such as linescan modes for e2v and Sony sensors

Firmware version 1.7 adds new operating modes to our GigE Vision cameras and also allows different camera parameters to be saved and loaded at lightning speed. The release is available for download and supports models with Sony Global Shutter and e2v sensors. Starting with version 1.8, "User Sets" which are predefined by IDS and which can be configured by the user, will also be available for GigE Vision cameras with Sony Rolling Shutter sensors.

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Meet us at the National Manufacturing & Supply Chain in Dublin

On January 17th, 2019 the largest gathering of key decision makers in Irish manufacturing supply chain will take place in Dublin. IDS will be exhibiting exciting new products from the IDS NXT product family as well as robot vision applications with Ensenso 3D cameras. Discover the possibilities for your application at booth C610.

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