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Edition 11/2018

IDS wishes Merry Christmas


  • Many thanks and have a relaxing holiday!
  • 12.19 MP sensor for USB and GigE Vision cameras
  • Redefining the industrial camera
  • Fully automatic 3D inspection cell reduces quality costs
  • About milestones and employees: Curtain up for the new IDS film
IDS wishes Merry Christmas

Edition 10/2018

IDS product innovations with pioneering character


  • IDS trade fair highlights: That was our VISION 2018
  • AI by Vision App
  • In the service of safety
That was our VISION 2018

Edition 9/2018

IDS at VISION 2018: Industrial cameras redefined


  • AI ready: App your camera with artificial intelligence
  • Ensenso XR with 3D on-board-processing
  • uEye novelties for the most diverse challenges
  • IDS lectures at the Industrial VISION Days Forum
  • Get your free VISION tickets now!
IDS NXT rio & IDS NXT rome - Vision app-based cameras

Edition 8/2018

Flexible yet focused - with liquid lenses and vision functions


  • The IDS Vision Reference is online
  • Maximize the flexibility
  • An application that makes waves
  • DKMS company registration campaign -recommended for imitation
USB 3.1 Gen 1 uEye LE cameras with active focus and liquid lensens

Edition 7/2018

It's so easy: wireless communication, uEye programming, zero-defect production


  • Sony sensor IMX273 now available as uEye SE models
  • Off the leash
  • Easy start in uEye programming
  • With (3D) camera technology to zero-defect production?
  • 3D object verification with Ensenso and HALCON for Embedded Vision
  • All set - thanks to robot vision
  • Visit VISION and discover our new products
  • IDS strengthens presence in South Korea
Sony sensor IMX273 now available as uEye SE models

Edition 6/2018

New firmware, new functions and one nomination


  • New functions: IDS Software Suite 4.91
  • New firmware for GigE Vision cameras available
  • Enhanced 3D vision
  • Victory for IDS-supported team
  • IDS NXT vegas nominated for inspect award 2019
IDS Software Suite 4.91

Edition 5/2018

51 km IDS cameras: successful with uEye


  • Perfectly focused: USB 3.1 Gen 1 LE board level cameras
  • Excellent image quality: uEye CP cameras with IMX273 Sony sensor
  • Speed Boost: 18.1 MP uEye LE cameras get a second revision with USB 3.1 Gen 1
  • Artificial intelligence-based robot cell “sees in 3D” with 2 Ensenso cameras
  • Milestones and new shores
  • IDS newsletter
USB 3.1 Gen 1 uEye LE cameras with active focus and liquid lenses

Edition 3/2018

Win - with IDS cameras


  • IDS NXT: colour sensor model, new firmware and updated cockpit
  • USB 3 uEye CP cameras support climate research
  • Gold for the Ensenso X Series
  • IDS expands presence in Benelux
IDS NXT vegas with colour sensor

Edition 2/2018

IDS NXT goes international - Image processing without limits


  • International rollout of IDS NXT
  • New release: GigE Vision camera firmware 1.5
  • Install now: IDS Vision Suite 1.1
  • Triggering according to the Lego principle
IDS NXT vegas as board-level or housed version

Special news 1/2018

App Your Sensor®! The Start of a new IDS’ Device Generation


  • IDS NXT - Novel Vision app-based sensors and cameras
  • The first of its kind!
  • App-based image processing with the IDS NXT platform
  • Portrait of IDS founder Jürgen Hartmann
IDS NXT - Novel Vision app-based sensors and cameras

Edition 1/2018

Available from March: Ensenso X with 5 MP cameras


  • Small, fast, with great image quality
  • Available from March: Ensenso X with 5 MP cameras
  • Accelerated processes due to GPU-based image processing
  • Capturing images with the uEye ring buffer
  • IDS at Control in Stuttgart
  • Strong growth in Asia and the USA
3d stereo camera Ensenso X with uEye FA cameras