Automated, GAMP-compliant production monitoring in the pharmaceutical industry

Avoiding product mix-ups

Digitalisation does not stop at the pharmaceutical industry. The use of new technologies opens up opportunities for process optimisation along the entire life cycle of pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical products, from research into new active substances and therapies to production, packaging, distribution and application. However, digital innovation not only offers many opportunities, but also poses major challenges for the industry due to the strong regulation of drug production. What is needed are reliable systems that support pharmaceutical companies in complying with legal requirements such as Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP).

The GAMP regulation is intended to ensure the quality of the production of pharmaceuticals, active ingredients and cosmetics. In addition, quality demands are placed on processing, packaging and storage. This is intended, among other things, to prevent product mix-ups due to incorrect labelling and to ensure traceability of ingredients and end products as well as protection against counterfeiting.

With GampBOX, the German company i-mation GmbH based in Rottweil has developed a Plug & Play image processing system that facilitates process optimization for manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry as well as for suppliers (for packaging materials, equipment) in compliance with GAMP guidelines.