DKMS company registration campaign -recommended for imitation

IDS employees register as stem cell donators

In September, IDS carried out a DKMS registration campaign to combat blood cancer at its headquarters in Obersulm. With success: The response has far exceeded the expectations of the organizers. More than 15 % of the employees used the offer to let themselves register.

The DKMS evaluates already a participation of 10 % of the staff as success."Great project, but I am already registered," was a frequent response to the invitation to registration. "I had always intended it, but it lacked the impetus," another. "Every day a good deed, that was mine today," a donor spoke out what many were thinking. Because every 15 minutes a person in Germany suffers from blood cancer.

DKMS company registration campaign -recommended for imitation

For numerous patients the stem cell transplantation is the only chance of survival, but each seventh patient does not find a suitable donor. A goal of the DKMS is it to change that and IDS supported it thereby gladly. No great effort, neither in the preparation, nor in the execution.

"Mouth open. Stick in. Donor be." is the slogan. It's so easy! Absolutely worth imitating!

The DKMS non-profit GmbH is a German non-profit organization with headquarter in Tuebingen. Supporting bone marrow donations is their main field of activity, in order to improve the healing chances of those at leukaemia and other life-threatening illnesses of the blood-forming system ill. Bone marrow donor files exist worldwide, certainly there is also the possibility in your country to register as a stem cell donor.