2D robot vision system for automatic floor marking

Precision and efficiency in warehouse automation with autonomous mobile robots (AMR)

Autonomous mobile robots (AMR) have become an integral part of intralogistics, as they make a decisive contribution to factory and warehouse automation. However, they must be able to move safely and precisely through the respective intralogistics environment. In addition to technologies such as cameras, sensors or LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), optical markings on the floor are usually used for accident-free navigation to ensure optimum functionality.

To enable this marking of warehouse and factory floors efficiently on the fly with minimal time and cost, the robotics company Solid-3D has developed a solution that uses high-precision technology to apply stickers to any surface with an accuracy of less than one millimeter. In addition, the Mark.One robotic system is able to drill precise holes for the accurate placement of shelves, equipment and other fixtures, increasing the efficiency of warehouse navigation. At the heart of the innovative warehouse automation robot is a vision system whose eye is a USB uEye LE industrial camera from IDS.

"The challenge was to develop an extremely compact system that combines camera, lens, lighting and processing computer, while meeting the requirements of a small autonomous vehicle - including limited dimensions, weight restrictions and available power," explains Claudiu Tanasescu, CEO of Solid-3D.

When selecting the individual components, the decision was made in favor of an ultra-compact and lightweight UI-1250LE camera, which has a 1.92 megapixel CMOS sensor with a pixel size of 4.5 µm. In combination with the 8 mm TAMRON M118FM08 lens, the camera captures pin-sharp images, which are essential for precise placement of the markings. The lens was integrated due to its compatibility with the camera's sensor and its compact design. With a diameter of only 29 millimeters and a length of 44.8 millimeters, the TAMRON lens delivers exceptional optical performance while meeting the space constraints of the Mark.One robot.

Autonomous mobile positioning robot with USB uEye LE industrial camera from IDS captures factory floor
Mark.One robot system from Solid-3D with USB industrial camera from IDS (Photo © Solid-3D)