Coventry, June 18-19: IDS reveals machine vision systems using deep learning

IDS at UKIVA Machine Vision Conference (MVC) & Exhibition in Coventry

The UKIVA Machine Vision Conference (MVC) is renowned for showcasing the latest vision technology around a comprehensive program of technical seminars. The upcoming 8th annual event, will highlight a diverse array of innovative machine vision and industrial technology.

As part of this, our UK & Ireland team will be demonstrating how quality inspection benefits from OCR (optical character recognition) with powerful, AI-based image processing solutions such as DENKnet. Also on display: the recently launched IDS NXT malibu intelligent industrial camera, which enables compressed video streaming in 4K. For 3D vision enthusiasts, IDS will present the 3D camera model Ensenso C. It not only provides point clouds but also 2D RGB images thanks to an additional image sensor. IDS will also bring new uEye 2D models with the exceptional Sony sensor IMX662. All these developments extend the range of applications for industrial image processing.