High-speed sensors:

ON Semiconductor’s PYTHON series

PYTHON 50005.31 MP

Sensor properties ON Semiconductor PYTHON 5000

  • Very fast sensor in full resolution (5 MP)
  • Unique: Even higher frame rates can be reached by horizontal or vertical partial reading
  • Optical 1” sensor with large 4.8 µm pixels
  • Available as color or monochrome version

The brand-new global shutter CMOS sensor PYTHON 5000 by ON Semiconductor sets a trend providing the highest resolution class in the market. Its large optical pixel area is ideal for applications in the field of microscopy. Using the AOI feature, the full resolution of 2592 x 2048 can be switched to the square 2K x 2K format to reach higher frame rates. The sensor is very flexible in terms of functionality and achieves 260 fps in common 1.3 MP class, e.g. by using the subsampling feature.

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