Release Notes for IDS Software Suite 4.90.3


These release notes describe the changes of the IDS Software Suite 4.90.3. Starting from this software version, the modified models UI-3160CP Rev 2.1 and UI-3180CP Rev 2.1 are supported and feature enhancements for further models are introduced.

New products

New camera models

The following models will be shipped with a different sensor variant and replace the previous models. The electrical and optical properties as well as the general characteristics of the sensors remain un-changed.

UI-3160CP Rev 2.1

  • Global shutter CMOS sensor NOIP1SE2000A-LTI from ON Semiconductor
  • 2/3” area sensor with a pixel size of 4.8 μm
  • Very fast sensor in WUXGA resolution (1920 x 1200 pixels)
  • Full HD with more than 180 fps
  • Resolution of 2.3 Megapixel, aspect ratio 16:10
  • AOI feature (horizontal and vertical read-out), multi AOI function
  • Available as color or monochrome version

UI-3180CP Rev 2.1

  • Global shutter CMOS sensor NOIP1SN5000A-LTI from ON Semiconductor
  • 1” area sensor with large 4.8 μm pixels, aspect ratio 5:4
  • Full resolution (5.3 MP) with more than 70 fps
  • AOI feature (horizontal and vertical read-out), multi AOI function
  • Available as color or monochrome version

Feature enhancements

Multi AOI function

The multi AOI function allows you to set and transfer more than one AOI in one image at the same time. In addition to the existing models, the following models now also support the multi AOI function (max. 64 AOIs, 8 per X and Y direction):

  • UI-3000SE, UI-3001SE & UI-3002SE
  • UI-3090SE, UI-3091SE & UI-3092SE

LUT in the hardware

A lookup table (LUT) contains modification values for the image brightness and contrast parameters. When a LUT is used, each brightness value in the image will be replaced by a value from the table. LUTs are typically used to enhance the image contrast or the gamma curve. Using LUTs has the advantage that calculations can be done very fast.

Depending on the camera model, the LUT operations are already performed in the camera hardware or the LUT is performed on the software side.

The monochrome models of the camera families GigE uEye CP Rev. 2, GigE uEye FA, and GigE uEye SE Rev. 4 now support LUT operations in the hardware.

Known issues

  • In IDS line scan, the GigE uEye CP Rev. 2 models may lose a line between two images with a pixel clock > 60 MHz.
  • The models UI-386xLE and UI-388xLE can only be used with automatic flash.

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