Release Notes for IDS Software Suite 4.90.4


These release notes describe the changes of the IDS Software Suite 4.90.3. Starting from this software version, the modified models UI-3160CP Rev 2.1 and UI-3180CP Rev 2.1 are supported and feature enhancements for further models are introduced.

Feature enhancements

Extended flash functionality for uEye LE USB 3.1 Gen 1

As of Version 4.90.4, the uEye LE USB 3.1 Gen 1 camera family supports setting flash delay as well as flash duration.

  • Flash delay (μs): After an exposure has started, activating the flash output is delayed by the time set in flash delay.
  • Flash duration: The flash output is activated for the time set in "Duration". The value 0 means that the signal is active over the entire exposure time.

General improvements

  • Performance optimization
  • Bug fixes

Known issues

  • In IDS line scan, the GigE uEye CP Rev. 2 models may lose a line between two images with a pixel clock > 60 MHz.

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