Release Notes for IDS NXT cockpit 2.0


These release notes describe the changes of the IDS NXT cockpit 2.0 which adds support for IDS NXT rio and IDS NXT rome industrial cameras.

Note: The IDS NXT cockpit 2.0 cannot be used to operate an IDS NXT vegas camera. Use the IDS NXT Cockpit 1.2.4 instead for the IDS NXT vegas models.

IDS NXT cockpit

New and changed functions

  • The IDS NXT cockpit is strongly recommended for operating camera models with rolling shutter sensors. It is also recommended for all other models.
  • From this version on, an automatic control can be used for the flash duration, so that the flash duration corresponds to the full exposure time of the sensor. This requires a camera firmware version greater than
  • The "Enabled" option for the flash output has been removed. The flash output is automatically disabled when the flash duration is set to 0.

Status: 2020-03-30

IDS NXT cockpit 2.0

New and changed functions

  • The device overview in IDS NXT cockpit shows also IDS NXT cameras with incorrect configured IP addresses.
  • The program IDS NXT crawler can be started directly from the IDS NXT cockpit. This program can be used to capture images with an IDS NXT camera and use the images e.g. to train an neural network.
  • The Vision app manager in IDS NXT cockpit can display system internal vision apps if the corresponding option is activated. This can be used to check the version number after an update. System internal vision apps can neither be deactivated nor deleted.

General improvements

  • The installation of IDS NXT cockpit is only possible on Windows 64-bit systems.

Known issues

  • If you set a prescaler or delay in the hardware trigger settings, these settings also affects all other operating modes:
    • software trigger
    • freerun (continous software trigger)
  • If the prescaler is set to a value other than 1, no more images are captured in freerun mode. Reset the prescaler value to 1 when switching to freerun mode.
  • In permanent operation, the IDS NXT cockpit causes an excessive load in the main memory. Do not use the IDS NXT cockpit in non-stop permanent operation.

Status: 2019-11-29