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Please fill out this online form in English or German to obtain an RMA number. In return, we will send you an RMA form via e-mail. Therefore please make sure to enter your correct e-mail address.
We regret that items returned to us without a valid RMA number will not be processed.

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Please note:
If a repair is done out of warranty, we will charge for the repair or filter replacement as follows:
uEye LE and XS cameras: 100.00 €
Other uEye camera models and VSE cameras: 180.00 €
All Ensenso cameras: 500.00 € (modifications of the focal length: 280.00 €)
Fixed cleaning charge: 80.00 €
For all other cameras we will send you a cost estimate.


We guarantee that all above mentioned equipment/components are not contaminated with toxic, radioactive or other hazardous substances.

All used parts will be disposed of correctly immediately after seing received by the IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH.


Should there be a complaint of image quality or hot pixel, please send us an image (*.bmp, *.png, *.zip) and the corresponding camera configuration file (*. ini).


Several images can be combined and uploaded in a zip file.



Important information for your return shipment

Please restore the returning goods to their original conditions. Remove all mounted parts/components. Should any mounted parts hinder the inspection, we might reject processing or we can only offer limited inspection.
We don't assume del credere liability for possible defects on parts which are not from IDS or for the completeness of the return delivery to you.
Please write the RMA number legibly on the outer box of your return shipment.
Use the return form you received via email, sign it and attach it to the return.
The RMA number is valid for 14 days.
For returns without error description we reserve the right to charge the costs of error determination.
If the returned product does not show an error a fixed sum of 40 € plus taxes and shipping costs will be charged.
Return deliveries from false orders incur a handling charge per article of 25 € plus taxes.
This RMA form authorises you to return the products. Acceptance of the returned goods does not involve any acknowledgement of liability.
These can just result after a final inspection and depend on whether the complained defects were caused through the IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH.

Our general terms and conditions apply.



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