Sensor Features from IDS - Flexibility

Longer exposure time with IDS CMOS cameras, ideal for low-light applications
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No light?

You need more light? The 2 MP sensor EV76C570 by e2v provides an exposure time of one second max. ex works. The IDS setup allows exposure up to 10 seconds in perfect picture quality. Thus, the sensor is ideal for use in low-light applications. You need even more light? The Sony IMX174 sensor allows exposure up to 30 seconds.

Multi AOI function from IDS for industrial cameras, for higher frame rates
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You need only single parts of an image?

You need a larger field of view for your inspection, but you just need single parts of your image while processing at high speed? Depending on the sensor, IDS is the only manufacturer that offers this multi AOI feature: you can select the required image pixels quickly and easily via the uEye cockpit. This minimizes the bandwidth and increases the frame rate – for even more throughput. Multi AOI is available with the following sensors: Sony Pregius IMX174, CMOSIS CMV2000 and CMV4000 and with 1.3 MP and 2 MP sensors by e2v.

Shutter switch mode for changing conditions with IDS CMOS cameras - Rolling shutter, Global shutter
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Changing conditions?

The shutter switch mode for all e2v sensors offers maximum flexibility for a wide range of conditions. The global shutter is recommended for fast-moving objects, whereas the rolling shutter is used for accurate images with low noise. This feature can be switched on the fly only at IDS.