Sensor features from IDS - Better image quality

Homogeneous surfaces without streaking - IDS industrial CMOS cameras
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Streaking on homogeneous surfaces

Cameras with CMOSIS sensors CMV2000 or CMV4000 deliver a vertical streaking ex works that is especially noticeable on homogeneous surfaces. This might be disturbing for machine vision tasks or border detection. The IDS camera hardware eliminates these stripes. The latest measurement values of the EMVA1288 standard verify this quality feature.

Homogeneous pictures the 5 MP mono sensor MT9P031STM by ON Semiconductor
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Mono is more than just mono

To keep it simple, the 5 MP mono sensor MT9P031STM by ON Semiconductor is a colour sensor without colour. You can see the Bayer pattern in the image as a disturbing factor. Only IDS runs the mono sensor as a real mono sensor.

IDS industrial cameras with corrected black level data in the IDS Software Suite
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Black level correction

Some sensors such as CMOSIS’ deliver different black levels in the camera depending on the production batch. IDS measures each sensor and saves individual correction data in the camera itself. The IDS Software Suite reads out this data and corrects the sensor individually according to its operating mode. This is an advantage especially for multi-camera systems.

High dynamic and better image quality with the Log Mode of e2v sensors
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High dynamic range?

The IDS’ log mode of e2v sensors allows adaptation to different light conditions, especially in ITS applications, where a high dynamic range is often required.