Sensor Features from IDS - More throughput

High-speed sensor thanks to IDS - IDS industrial CMOS cameras
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Too slow?

The WVGA sensor MT9V032 by ON Semiconductor offers 60 frames per second ex works. IDS is the first manufacturer worldwide that tuned this sensor up to 100 fps. This means for you: Almost twice as many images per second and so almost twice as many production parts that can be inspected in the same period of time. Your low-priced alternative to high-speed cameras.

IDS offers multiple exposures per image for high-speed analysis
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Extremely high frame rates

Expensive high speed cameras are often necessary for velocimetry in ITS or motion analysis in sports. But not with the 2 MP sensor EV76C570 by e2v. IDS is the first camera manufacturer worldwide which allows multiple exposures per image with this sensor.