High-resolution, extremely low noise, lightning fast or exceptionally light sensitive: To meet the hugely diverse requirements of different applications, IDS supplies a broad range of almost 50 sensors.

From day one, we have been working directly with all well-known sensor manufacturers. This enables us to ensure the outstanding functionality and image quality of our cameras at a high technical level.

Numerous special functions are available for specific applications, such as long exposures, highly dynamic shots or line scanning modes.

CMOSIS is a provider of CMOS image sensors for professional industrial use, covering applications such as machine vision, high-quality digital still cameras, scientific, medical, as well as automatic data capturing and applications in aeronautics. CMOSIS owns a unique portfolio, including global shutter pixels with high dynamic range. CMOSIS sensors are suitable e.g. for traffic monitoring, microscopy and 3D systems.

e2v looks back on more than 30 years of experience in design, development and manufacturing of solutions for imaging. e2v covers the entire electromagnetic spectrum of image sensors and cameras, from X-rays to ultraviolet and visible light to near-infrared light. The sensors and cameras are designed for a wide range of demanding applications in aerospace, science, as well as in industrial and medical markets.

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ON Semiconductor is one of the largest CMOS sensor manufacturers worldwide. The product range of the company covers high-performance, energy-efficient semiconductor solutions, for customers in the fields of automotive, communications, consumer electronics, medical, industrial, mobile phones and space technology. Image sensors by ON Semiconductor are suitable e.g. for visualization, quality assurance and inspection applications.

Sony is the leading manufacturer of CMOS image sensors and provides the best image quality in the market. With 25 years of experience in developing innovative products, Sony offers its customers the highest quality at an excellent cost-performance ratio. In cooperation with established technology partners, the company delivers its customers OEM solutions. Sony sensors are suitable e.g. for visualization, quality assurance and for ITS applications.