Perfection at all levels: Sony’s IMX series

IMX1742.35 MP

Sensor properties Sony IMX174

  • Large 1/1.2" area sensor
  • Pixel size: 5.86 µm
  • High resolution: 1936 x 1216 (2.3 MP)
  • Sensor provides common image formats: 4:3 (classic) or widescreen 16:9 (Full HD)
Only available at IDS: triggered linescan mode in our USB 3 uEye CP Rev. 2 with the revolutionary 2.3 MP CMOS Sensor Sony IMX174. Another highlight: long exposure up to 30 seconds. Providing a frame rate of 166 fps (full resolution, 1936 x 1216 px) or 181 fps (Full HD, 1920 x 1080 px), the sensor ensures a excellent image quality and delivers extremely low-noise images. Depending on customer requirements, the camera provides 8-, 10- or 12-bits.
The Sony IMX174 sets new standards in terms of light sensitivity, dynamic range and color reproduction. As an alternative we offer the technically-identical budget-priced Sony IMX249 with 41 fps at full resolution.

Outstanding high efficiency

QE @ 530 nm: 65%
IDS CMOS cameras with outstanding high efficiency (EMVA 1288)

Almost noise-free images for lowlight applications

SNRmax: 45 dB
IDS CMOS cameras for lowlight applications with almost noise-free sensors

Optimal dynamic range - ideal for outdoor applications

Dynamic: 73.2 dB/12.2 bit
IDS CMOS cameras with optimal dynamic range for outdoor applications

Perfectly suited for long exposure, e.g. biology

Dark Current Mean: 0.95 e-/second
IDS CMOS cameras which are percet for long exposure

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