Perfection at all levels: Sony’s IMX series

IMX1786.41 MP

Sensor properties Sony IMX178

  • 1/1.8” rolling shutter sensor with 2.4 µm pixel size
  • Aspect ratio 3:2 (3088 x 2076 px)
  • Full resolution (6.41 MP) with up to 60 fps
  • Very light-sensitive BSI sensor

The rolling shutter CMOS sensor Sony IMX178 provides very high resolution of 6.41 MP (3088 x 2076 px), which makes it especially perfect for visualization tasks in microscopy, medical engineering, and quality assurance. Due to its high speed, it is also considered as a cost-driven option for traffic monitoring (ITS). The BSI sensor of Sony’s STARVIS series is one of the most light-sensitive sensors in our portfolio, and therefore, it offers an amazing image quality even in low-light conditions. Due to its 1/1.8” sensor size, a wide range of wide-angle lenses is available. In combination with our USB 3.0 industrial cameras, the Sony IMX178 delivers frame rates up to 60 fps at full resolution.

Cameras with this sensor will be available end of 2016.

Excellent dynamic range – for high-contrast applications

Dynamic range: > 75 dB/12.6-bit
IDS, industrial cameras, dynamic range, EMVA

Very light-sensitive sensor - e.g. for for the life sciences

Sensitivity @ 533 nm: < 3.3 p
IDS, industrial camersa, sensitivity, EMVA

Excellent linearity – ideal for metrology

LE: 0.14 %
IDS, industrial cameras, linearity, EMVA

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