Perfection at all levels: Sony’s IMX series

IMX2505.04 MP

Sensor properties Sony IMX250

  • Optimized Sony CMOS pixel: 3.45 µm
  • High-resolution global shutter sensor: 2456 x 2054 (5 MP)
  • Compact 2/3" area sensor
  • Frame rate: 86 fps
  • Multi AOI
Sony’s second-generation CMOS sensors will find their place in our industrial cameras with USB 3.0 interface: The global shutter CMOS sensor Sony IMX250 provides high resolution of 5 MP, which is perfectly suitable for applications under low-light conditions and in microscopy. Especially customers with very high demands on image quality and high dynamic range value the sensor. Just like the first-generation sensor Sony IMX174 (2.3 MP, 161 fps), the sensor delivers excellent image quality and extremely low-noise images, providing high frame rates at full resolution (2456 x 2054 px). The Sony IMX250 is easy to integrate into our USB 3.0 industrial cameras due to its compact 2/3” size.

Very low dark noise value - e.g. for bioscience

Dark noise: 2.0 e-
IDS industrial cameras with Sony IMX250, very low dark noise value

Very high dynamic range - for high contrast applications

Dynamic: 70 dB/11.6 bit
IDS industrial cameras with Sony IMX250, very high dynamic range

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