Perfection at all levels: Sony’s IMX series

IMX2558.92 MP

Sensor properties Sony IMX255

  • Global shutter CMOS sensor
  • 1” area sensor with 3.45 µm pixel size
  • Optimized 2nd generation pixels from the Sony Pregius series
  • Excellent sensitivity in the NIR range
  • 8.9 megapixels (4104 x 2174 px), aspect ratio 17:9
  • Full resolution at 50 fps (USB 3.1 Gen 1)
  • 8, 10 and 12 bits per pixel
  • Sequencer, binning, overlap trigger
  • Long time exposure up to 30 seconds, shortest exposure time ~40 µs (IDS Software Suite)
  • Available in colour or monochrome version

The Sony IMX255 CMOS sensor is compliant with all industrial requirements regarding high resolution, light sensitivity and frame rate. Its readout noise and dark current values are among the lowest on the sensor market. Its capability to deliver 4K images make it suitable for tasks in industrial machine vision and traffic surveillance. In situations with conventional traffic cameras, where one camera must be installed for each lane of traffic, the IMX255 can capture several lanes with a single camera and at the same resolution.

Extremely low dark noise, e.g. for biosciences

Dark noise: 2.0 e-
IDS industrial cameras with Sony IMX253, very low dark noise value

Very high dynamic range - for high contrast

Dynamic range: 70 dB/11.6-bit
IDS industrial cameras with Sony IMX253, very high dynamic range

Very high sensitivity

QE @ 533 nm: 61 %
IDS industrial cameras with Sony IMX255, very high sensitivity

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