Wide-angle accessory lens kit for USB 3 uEye XC

Opening angle 74°, Minimal object distance (M.O.D.): 30 mm


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The combination of wide-angle accessory lens kit and our 13 MP autofocus camera USB 3 uEye XC expands both the focus area from 3 cm to infinity and the field of view by a factor of 1.4. The opening angle of our XC is approximately 53° in video mode. Using our wide-angle accessory lens kit the opening angle increases to great 74°. Therefore, accessory lenses by IDS are perfectly suited for room monitoring and access control.

    To mount the accessory lenses you first have to remove the design screw-in ring of the USB 3 uEye XC with the octogonal screwdriver CK01584.


Item number
  • AE00125
Name Wide-angle accessory lens kit for USB 3 uEye XC
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