---IDS GigE uEye SE industrial camera, Ethernet with 120 MB internal image memory

GigE uEye SE – the latest generation of the proven allround industrial camera

Proven in industrial applications for over a decade. The completely redeveloped 4th generation of our gigabit ethernet "Standard Edition" of the uEye SE camera series is equipped with top quality sensors and new hardware for an even wider range of variants and enhanced performance. All models are optionally equipped with the IDS Software Suite or support for the GigE Vision Standards and truly set a new standard: diverse, versatile and user-friendly.

It has been systematically designed to handle large area, high-resolution CMOS sensors and exploit the bandwidth of the GigE interface to the full. It is also compact, rugged, and a special sensor seal makes it extremely dust-proof. It is available optionally as a housing or board level version with a range of lens holder options; OEM variants are also possible. Besides the screwable RJ45 network connector, the uEye SE also has an 8-pin Hirose connector for trigger and flash (optically decoupled) and two GPIOs (each with 3.3 V), enabling many application functions for industrial use. The cameras can be operated with a 12-24 V power supply. The insulated PoE-construction (Power-over-Ethernet) enables single cable operation.

These features together with a wide selection of global and rolling shutter CMOS sensors and the extensive range of accessories make the uEye SE the new standard for countless industrial and non-industrial applications.

  • Rugged, compact housing and board level cameras available with a range of lens holders
  • Housing version with special dust protection sensor seal
  • OEM variants possible for customizing options
  • Full GigE speed
  • Cable lengths up to 100 m
  • 12-24 V power supply or PoE operation (Power-Over-Ethernet)
  • Screw-on connectors RJ45 and 8-pin Hirose: Flash (opto-decoupled), trigger (opto-decoupled), 2x GPIO (3.3 V)
  • Camera models also available with USB 3.1 Gen 1 interface
  • Large portfolio of CMOS sensors: The right Gigabit Ethernet industrial camera for any application
  • Pixel pre-processing (definable LUT, gamma and much more) reduces load on host computer
  • Simple, fast integration: Plug & Play with IDS Software Suite. Wide variety of additional functions such as line scan mode, long exposure, overlap trigger and much more.
  • Optionally available with GigE Vision firmware

The range of possible applications for the uEye SE family is enormous due to the large number of different models. Therefore, the following list only represents a selection of example applications:

  • Automation, e.g., measuring, presence and completeness monitoring
  • Automotive industry, e.g., weld seam inspection, part identification, presence monitoring
  • Electronics and semiconductor inspection, e.g., soldering inspection, circuit board inspection, mounting check
  • Printing industry, e.g., endless web inspection, printed image inspection, color test
  • Food industry, e.g., fill level check, sorting, porting
  • Agricultural industry, e.g., monitoring plant growth, harvesting machinery
  • Laboratory automation: Quality control, sample inspection, process automation
  • Medical technology and life sciences, e,g., microscopy, ophthalmology, dentistry, motion analysis
  • Factory automation, e.g., process automation
  • Packaging industry, e.g., checking package contents and package printing
  • ITS, e.g., toll systems and traffic flow surveillance
  • Robotics, e.g., palletizing, pick & place
  • Logistics, e.g., (de-)palletizing, order picking and sorting
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