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  • 2592 x 1944
    5.04 MPix
  • ON Semiconductor AR0521
    1/2.5" CMOS
  • 48.0 fps
  • USB 3 5.0 Gbps
Product Life Cycle Camera in series production. 🛈 Product Life Cycle Long-term availability is an important aspect when selecting the right industrial camera. Our camera finder gives you the life cycle of each camera model so that you can take this criterion into account in your camera selection. The following life cycle statuses are differed: In development The model is not yet in series production, but will be introduced shortly. In series Camera in series production. Not recommended for new designs The model is no longer recommended for new application development. We suggest looking for newer models of the "in series" availability. The availability of the model is fully ensured until its final discontinuation. Discontinued The model has been discontinued. You have the opportunity to secure inventory before the end of the last-time-buy order period. See product discontinuations. For further questions, please contact our sales team.

The industrial camera U3-3682XLE with SuperSpeed USB 5 Gbps is equipped with the versatile 1/2.5" 5.04 MPix CMOS sensor ON Semiconductor AR0521 (2592 x 1944 px, pixel size 2.2 µm, 48.0 fps). It is ideally suited for applications with poor or changing lighting conditions, such as outdoor use in the ITS area. However, the camera also delivers high-resolution data for detailed image evaluation in typical industrial applications, such as surface inspections. Thanks to its compact dimensions and USB Type-C connector, it can be easily integrated into any image processing system.

Due to its features the rolling shutter sensor is also a cost-effective replacement for camera models with the proven 5 MPixel sensors ON Semiconductor MT9P006 and MT9P031.

With superior low-light performance due to the BSI pixel technology ("Back Side Illumination"), the AR0521 sensor excels additionally with lower power consumption, better sensitivity in low light conditions and in the NIR range, as well as less noise.

The compact USB3 camera is available either with a plastic housing with C/CS-mount and adjustable back focal length or as a board-level version with or without C/CS-mount or S-mount.

The U3-3682XLE USB3 single-board camera without lens holder is available as colour or monochrome version.

Like all other camera models of the uEye XLE family, the U3-3682XLE is GenICam-compliant and thus compatible with our state-of-the-art SDK IDS peak software.

Particularly affordable, particularly compact and particularly suitable when the essentials matter: The uEye XLE camera family is specially designed for high-volume and price-sensitive projects where basic functions are required. Thanks to different housing variants, practical USB Type-C connector and modern USB3 Vision interface, uEye XLE cameras can be easily integrated into any machine vision system.
Do you need single-board cameras with or without C-/CS-Mount or S-Mount for your embedded vision solution? Or do you prefer models with coated plastic housing? Here you can freely select the suitable variant for your application.

Whether in small device construction, measurement technology, transportation or agricultural applications - the modern camera family is suitable for a wide range of application scenarios. The guiding principle in product development? The feedback and actual requirements of our customers. Based on this, we ensure an optimal price-performance ratio.
All uEye XLE models feature a USB3 interface (SuperSpeed USB, 5 Gpbs) and are 100 percent GenICam-compliant. This means that you can easily program and operate the cameras with our modern SDK IDS peak. It offers an "it's so easy" programming interface, thanks to which you no longer have to work directly with GenTL and GenAPI, for example. Convenience classes also reduce the programming effort and reduce sources of error.

Wide range of applications!

Particularly versatile

The uEye XLE camera family includes space-saving single-board models without lens mount, with S-mount or C-/CS-mount as well as housing variants with CS-/C-mount.

Easy to integrate!

Modern hardware and software

Thanks to USB Type-C connectors and Vision Standard compatibility (U3V / GenICam), the cameras can be easily integrated into any image processing system. In principle, the cameras can be used with any software - but are particularly easy to operate with IDS peak.

Cost-optimised from A to Z

Focused on the essentials

Your demands – our solution. uEye XLE were designed specifically as a price-optimised camera platform. A large number of cost-effective lenses are also available for the models.

Item number
  • U3-3682XLE-C: AB03035
  • U3-3682XLE-M: AB03036
Name U3-3682XLE
Camera family XLE
Interface USB 3
Interface-Speed 5.00 Gbps
Sensor type CMOS
Sensor manufacturer ON Semiconductor
Frame rate @ resolution max. 48.0 fps
Resolution (h x v) 2592 x 1944
Optical Area 5.702 mm x 4.277 mm
Shutter Rolling Shutter
Optical class 1/2.5"
Resolution 5.04 MPix
Pixel size 2.20 µm
IP code No
Product Life Cycle Series
Data sheet
100% quality tested
Plug & Play
Software support for uEye+
USB3 Vision standard
SuperSpeed USB
5 Gbps
CMOS sensor
USB Type-C connector
Colour correction in camera
3 years warranty
Made in Germany
Agricultural applications

In the agricultural sector, cameras e.g. monitor plant growth, control the application of fertilisers or inspect the harvest.

Traffic and transport (ITS)

Keeping an eye on everything - IDS cameras recognize vehicles, check the traffic flow or help with rail and road inspections.


IDS cameras detect objects and provide accurate information, such as their dimensions or positioning.

Small device construction

Compact and powerful - IDS cameras can be easily integrated into small devices such as handheld scanners or other portable systems.



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