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I do it myself! Hot pixel correction with the uEye Hotpixel Editor

Every sensor has pixels that do not react linearly to incident light. Especially on dark images, they appear way brighter as colorful dots: the so-called hot pixels.

According to your operating conditions, you can correct those hot pixels fast and easily with the uEye Hotpixel Editor. The uEye Hotpixel Editor is part of the free IDS Software Suite.

Get brighter images: How to work with gain

Your picture is too dark, but you cannot increase exposure time because your object is moving? Due to your lighting condition, flash lighting is no option? Then the feature "adjustable gain" helps.

If you don’t have the conditions to use flash lighting, for example, you can use the software gain to improve the image contrast or brighten up dark images. In our TechTip you will learn how to adjust the gain optimally to reduce potential sensor artifacts such as noise or inhomogeneity.

Needing only parts of an image? Use the multi AOI!

You need a larger field of view for your inspection, but you just need parts of your image while processing at high speed?
The multi AOI function allows defining more than one AOI in an image and transferring these AOIs all at the same time. This allows various features to be checked at the same time. This minimizes the bandwidth and increases the frame rate.

Too bright or too dark? Using the histogram in the uEye Cockpit

Your image looks flat or in the dark, low-contrast image, you cannot distinguish the objects. In this case, the histogram in the uEye Cockpit helps you.

A histogram shows whether an image is over or under exposed, and how high the contrast is. Thus, the histogram is a tool for optimizing the camera parameter settings to obtain an image with a higher contrast.

Simply flexible: Bandwidth management with adjustable pixel clock

Are you developing a multi-camera system, or using a high spatial resolution camera? Do you want to use the full bandwidth of your camera interface without losing any image?

For IDS industrial cameras, you can set the pixel clock using the IDS Software Suite. So you can have a direct influence on the needed bandwidth of a camera.