USB3 Vision standard

AIA certified industrial cameras from IDS

This communication standard provides users with a guarantee of individual yet universal suitability for machine vision applications. The firmware of the USB3 Vision cameras supports initially important features of the standard and is gradually being extended.

USB3 Vision is a manufacturer-independent standard protocol, that is based on the USB 3.0 interface. One important advantage of USB3 Vision is a flexible interchangeability of cameras from different manufacturers – without any changes in the software.

IDS offers users a freedom of choice with the new camera models that is unique in the market: standard support with USB3 Vision or feature variety of the latest sensor generation with the IDS Software Suite.

Users who are looking for 100% support for the standard can opt for our U3V versions. However, a lot of sensor features are not integrated into the USB3 Vision standard.

Users who want the benefit of performance characteristic and additional features of all current sensor generations can choose the specially developed IDS Software Suite. It also supports e.g. line scan mode, multi AOI or multi integration mode.