uEye XC

automatically perfect images

The webcam alternative for industrial applications

With uEye XC, IDS closes the market gap between industrial camera and webcam. Thanks to the integrated autofocus, you get perfectly sharp images and videos even with changing object distances. As a result, you can use the USB3 camera from the Vision Standard-compliant uEye+ product line for a wide range of applications - from kiosk systems to logistics and robotics.

13 MP @ 20 fps

Auto-image control


Plug & Play

Compact dimensions

Industrial grade


Just plug in and get started

The uEye XC is an industrial camera with the simplicity of a webcam. Setting up and operating the camera only requires a cable connection. After that, the 13MP autofocus camera immediately delivers high-resolution, detailed images and videos. With the quickly exchangeable macro lens, you can easily shorten the minimum object distance of the camera. This makes it suitable for close-up applications, for example in medical technology.

Compact lightweight

Highly versatile autofocus camera

The USB3 uEye XC is characterised by its particularly elegant and lightweight magnesium housing. With dimensions of only 32 x 61 x 19 mm (W x H x D), it is compact, sturdy despite its light weight and absolutely suitable for industrial use. Its 13 MP onsemi sensor delivers 20 fps at full resolution and, thanks to BSI technology, can easily handle changing light conditions.

Quality control

For industrial production, the highest standards of quality and safety have to be met. The uEye XC shows its strengths in process and quality assurance, for example. This guarantees standardised, consistent quality of goods, improves the entire process and increases productivity.

Kiosk systems

Whether cash, passport photo or postcard machines: uEye XC can be used in all kiosk systems. It makes customised service in photo-assisted terminals easy. In airports, combining uEye XC with passport readers is an ideal building block for property protection.

Logistics automation

uEye XC helps to capture objects on conveyor belts, barcodes on parcels or labels on luggage. The autofocus camera provides a cost-effective solution to monitor, analyse and optimise operations from the first step to the last.

Medical technology

In dermatology, the compact autofocus camera can be used to precisely detect the finest skin lesions using the macro lens. No matter if you are performing an online consultation or diagnosis: uEye XC guarantees high-quality images and is flexible in its handling.

Discover what uEye XC makes possible

So much to discover: The autofocus camera automatically focuses on the intended subject and thus ensures a perfect distance setting. Here, the example shows the inside of a window (4 cm away from the camera), the outside of a window (8 cm), a cup placed on a facade projection (20 cm) and the surroundings (infinity). If necessary, the focus can also be controlled by software.