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App your camera - Artificial intelligence as app for industrial cameras

New models, functions, sensors, communication interfaces and even "on-camera neural networks": These are the groundbreaking developments of the IDS NXT vision app-based camera platform.

IDS NXT rio & rome: redefining industrial cameras
IDS NXT rio & rome expand the IDS NXT platform
Like IDS NXT vegas, the two new IDS NXT camera families are characterized by their highly flexible application spectrum. Users can create individual image processing tasks and install and execute them as vision apps on the devices. Application-relevant pre-processed data or results are easily transferred to a PC or machine control unit. The freely programmable platform is not tied to any predefined tasks. The possibility of installing any vision apps creates universal application possibilities in numerous fields, e.g. in optical quality assurance, as an analytical device in medical technology, for monitoring tasks using face recognition or vehicle and person counting.
The prototypes unveiled at the VISION showed how IDS NXT rio & rome can also be used as a standard industrial camera in the future thanks to the "Smart GenICam App" designed by IDS. In this way, two device classes will become one.

Intelligent cameras in standard industrial camera housings with a unique vision app approach that combine the capabilities of both worlds: IDS NXT rio & rome represent a new evolutionary level of digital industrial cameras.


Further features:

  • Wide range of CMOS sensors
  • Industrial M12 circular connectors
  • Free choice of optics through C-mount
  • GigE network connection
  • Serial RS232 interface
  • REST Web Interface
  • PoE and external power supply DC 12-24 V
  • Dual Core CPU for onboard processing 1.3 GHz
  • Flexible CPU support through FPGA technology
  • HALCON runtime license for Embedded Vision

IDS NXT industrial cameras communicate directly with a PLC or other machine controls. IDS NXT rome also comes with IP65/67 protection, making it dustproof and protected against water jets (nozzles) from any angle. The models will not only be available with sensors from different manufacturers and resolution classes, but also as board level variants for mechanical engineering.

"The IDS NXT rio and rome models are redefining industrial cameras. Thanks to their robust design and the wide range of possible applications as fully-fledged standard industrial cameras as well as multifunctional devices with vision apps and artificial intelligence, they are ideally equipped for numerous tasks in the industrial sector."
Kai Hartmann, Product Manager IDS NXT

AI ready - Industrial cameras with artifical intelligence
With artificial neural networks and the KI-Vision app you realise a wide range of image processing tasks in a short time.
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Artificial intelligence opens up new fields of application for camera technology and image processing. IDS NXT rio and rome show what an easy-to-use solution for industry can look like. A specially developed AI vision app turns them into universal, high-performance inference cameras with an integrated ANN accelerator. Equipped with this AI-based embedded system, users can load pre-trained ANNs (artificial neural networks) of different architectures onto the cameras and then use them for tasks such as object recognition or classification. The FPGA-based AI acceleration enables inference times of a few milliseconds.
In terms of accuracy and speed of AI tasks, cameras of the IDS NXT platform can keep pace with modern desktop CPUs - while at the same time requiring considerably less space and energy. At VISION, IDS was presenting an AI-based object recognition system that runs completely independently on an IDS NXT industrial camera.
Would you like to learn more? Read our technical article "AI by Vision App".
„Smart GENICAM-App“ - How to program cameras Vision-compliant
Customer-programmed, vision-compliant embedded applications with the Smart GenICam app
Programmable cameras are used more and more often for tasks that were previously performed on embedded boards or a host PC. The advantages are obvious: pre-processed data can accelerate image processing processes, reduce the transfer rate in the network and reduce the CPU load of connected computers. However, the range of programmable cameras that meet the industry's demands for performance and housing variants and also feature a high-speed protocol such as GigE Vision is limited. If users intended to implement functions they had created themselves for programmable cameras, they usually also had to resort to proprietary interfaces, which doesn’t make seamless integration into further processes and applications any easier. Wouldn't it be convenient if self-programmed applications could be loaded onto a camera and deployed and controlled GenICam-compliant?

"IDS NXT provides exactly such a solution. The user loads the desired new camera function onto an IDS NXT model packed as a vision app. Then the firmware integrates the application code into the functional scope of the camera.“
Kai Hartmann, Product Manager IDS NXT

Control and function parameters, as well as application results, are made available in a standardized form by the "Smart GenICam App" – Vision-compliant via the device-specific XML description file of each GenICam-compliant application. Third party applications such as HALCON then process the data generated by customer-specific programming just as easily as if they were part of the standard functionality of the industrial camera.
Industrial standard PROFINET - A new interface for IDS NXT
New interface: IDS NXT camera also available with Profinet
The real-time-capable industrial protocol Profinet plays an important role in process automation due to its standardization, user-friendliness and wide distribution. For easy integration into existing systems, its extensive range of functions is now also available under the vision app-based camera platform IDS NXT.
At VISION, IDS was presenting the IDS NXT vegas model with Profinet interface as a prototype; further models of the IDS NXT series are planned. With the embedded vision sensor IDS NXT vegas, the results of vision apps, the trigger for image acquisition and other process data can be conveniently transferred via Profinet in the future. The device can be set up for individual applications via the IDS NXT cockpit and individual images can be quickly and easily retrieved via the REST interface/web server.



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