Ranging from "Autofocus" to 10 GigE concept study

It's so easy! - uEye polarized, easy to focus & 10 GigE concept study

Extra performance: whether cameras with on-pixel polarizer, “Autofocus” or concept studies with 10 GigE interface – these image processing solutions add that little bit extra.

uEye polarized - This sensor detects even more
GigE uEye CP conept study with polarization sensor

In our uEye models, the IMX250 MZR-C polarization sensor from Sony ensures better object recognition in low-contrast or reflective light conditions and helps, for example, to visualize previously undetectable scratches on surfaces or mechanical tension within transparent objects. The conversion of the on-pixel polarizers is already realized in the camera. The camera thus delivers the desired result image directly and, no computation-intensive evaluations of the polarization on the host PC are necessary.

"When inspecting surfaces, looking through windscreens or reading barcodes behind plastic film, the polarisation sensor makes image details visible that remain hidden to other image sensors. At VISION, we were presenting the sensor initially as a uEye CP concept study with GigE Vision interface. However, uEye SE or uEye FA variants with GigE or USB interface are also conceivable.“
Maike Strecker, uEye Product Manager

uEye LE with active focus - Conveniently focus liquid lenses
IDS industrial camera USB 3.1 Gen 1 uEye LE AF (Active Focus) with liquid lens

The new USB 3.1 Gen 1 board level cameras with liquid lens control simplify taking pictures at variable object distances because their focus can be quickly and easily readjusted - through software-based via user interface or API.

The industrial cameras are currently available with the 6.4 MP IMX178 rolling shutter colour or mono sensor from Sony or the 18.1 MP AR1820HS rolling shutter colour sensor from ON Semiconductor. Models with IMX265 (3.17 MP Global Shutter), IMX290 (2.12 MP Rolling Shutter) and the ON Semiconductor PYTHON 480 (0.49 MP Global Sutter) are already in planning. All are equipped with:

  • Twist-proof USB Type-C connection
  • Practical USB Power Delivery
  • S-mount or CS-/C-mount
  • Plug & Play function
  • Trigger & Flash

"Models with liquid lenses offer our customers the possibility to adjust the focus even in applications where the lens cannot be reached manually or where a quick change between different focus levels is necessary. A firmware update for the cameras to a contrast-based autofocus is planned for Q1/2019.“
Maike Strecker, uEye Product Manager

uEye ten times faster - Study: Highspeed camera with 10 GigE and PoE
Concept study: IDS industrial camera GigE uEye FX with 10 GigE

At VISION we were also presenting the uEye FX, a concept study of a 10 GigE camera family that could optimally make use of the potential of current sensors in terms of high resolution, fast frame rates and large bit depths. Depending on the available bandwidth and infrastructure, it automatically adapts its transmission speed to 5, 2.5 or 1 GigE. We are also planning to integrate Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), which means that a separate cable for the power supply is no longer required.