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Visit us at the world's leading trade show for machine vision in hall 8, booth 8C60


05. - 07.10.2021


Messe Stuttgart

Tickets for VISION 2021

Free of charge to the trade fair

Each ticket is valid for one specified day of the trade fair. For this purpose, it is necessary to register individually for each desired day of the visit and to present a valid proof of vaccination or convalescence or a negative Corona test. Registration ensures that all participants can be traced back if necessary and there are no queues at the cash desks.

uEye+ industrial cameras

2D for a broad variety of requirements

At VISION, we put a strong focus on our new low-cost camera families that can be used in almost any application. We will also show you how to use the 10GigE interface with our uEye Warp10 to transmit large amounts of data extremely quickly – and why you should keep an eye on the camera series if you are interested in exceptionally high-resolution sensors. With IDS peak 2.0, we also present the next evolutionary stage of the modern software development kit for IDS industrial cameras. To discover even more, simply visit us directly at the IDS trade fair booth.

Detailed information

Grand entrance for a small camera

The new uEye XCP camera family shows that cost-effective industrial cameras with C-mount can also be offered in the industry's smallest standard format. Initially, we are launching the USB3 cameras with the 2.3 MP global shutter sensor AR0234 and the 5 MP rolling shutter sensor AR0521 from ON Semiconductor. Additional sensors will follow.

  • Completely enclosed zinc die-cast housing with only 29 x 29 x 17 mm (W/H/L)
  • C-mount adapter allows use of common lens sizes
  • Smallest housed camera with C-mount on the market

Versatile and consistently cost-optimised

If you are looking for cameras specifically designed for high-volume and price-sensitive projects, you should also consider the uEye XLE camera family. Thanks to different housing and lens holder variants, extremely compact dimensions and USB3 interface, the cameras can be easily integrated into any image processing system.

  • Free choice between models either with plastic housing with C/CS-mount or S-mount or board-level variants with or without C/CS-mount or S-mount
  • Available with the 2.3 MP sensor ON Semiconductor AR0234 and the light sensitive 5 MP sensor ON Semiconductor AR0521, other sensors to follow
  • Perfect for embedded applications

10GigE high-speed for image data

For users with particularly high demands on resolution, image quality and transmission speed, we will launch industrial cameras with a 10GigE high-speed interface and various sensors under the brand name uEye Warp10. They are capable of precisely capturing even high-speed processes and transmitting image information in the network without delay. This allows them to excel, for example, in sports analysis or in high-precision measuring and inspection tasks. With our trade fair demo, we show you how you can benefit from the new camera series and explain which possibilities are opened up by the combination of high sensor resolutions and high frame rates with the new interface.

  • Transmits even large amounts of data at high frame rates extremely quickly thanks to 10GigE
  • Implementation of large-format sensors up to 45MP
  • Setup on existing GigE Vision network structures feasible

The IDS peak evolution

IDS peak 2.0 is the next evolutionary step of our modern software development kit for IDS industrial cameras. It not only gives you easy access to the new C-API, but also integrates the IDS peak Cockpit into the SDK setup. You can use it to take your first images in no time and to evaluate and configure our industrial cameras in detail without having to write a line of code. IDS peak has long been exclusive to our Vision Standard-based industrial cameras, the so-called uEye+ models. We have now opened up the software for many of our well established uEye cameras (models with UI matchcode designation) as well.

  • One SDK for all cameras – all customers can now benefit from the advantages and further developments, additionally this enables the mixed operation of uEye and uEye+ industrial cameras with a consistent code base
  • Convenient C-API with comfort functions for easy control of the camera functions
  • IDS peak manual now provided as central documentation for handling cameras and programming principles, incl. full-text search and many code examples


intelligence via edge device

Artificial intelligence that runs directly on cameras – this makes tasks solvable where conventional image processing has reached its limits. Thanks to IDS NXT ocean, users need no expertise in deep learning, image processing or camera programming to train and run a neural network. We provide you with all the necessary and perfectly coordinated tools and workflows to realise your own AI vision applications. At VISION, we will show you what we have developed to make image processing with AI even more user-friendly.

Detailed information

AI without prior knowledge

In October, we will release the next free software update for our IDS NXT platform. It focuses on user-friendliness – for example, we are integrating new features in the IDS NXT cockpit – as well as on making artificial intelligence comprehensible. With new tools for visual evaluations, we help users to understand how the AI works and which image areas play a role in their decisions.

  • Simplified setup and deployment thanks to new features in the IDS NXT cockpit
  • New helpful tools such as the Attention Maps provide an easy way to visualise how the AI in the cameras works and makes decisions
  • Maximum data security, as communication between IDS NXT cameras and system components is encrypted

Simply get started

If you want to test the IDS NXT ocean embedded vision system and evaluate its potential for your applications, you should take a look at the IDS NXT ocean Creative Kit. It gives you all the components you need to create, train and run a neural network. In addition to an IDS NXT industrial camera with 1.6 MP Sony sensor, lens, cable and tripod adapter, the package includes six months' access to the AI training software IDS NXT lighthouse. The package is available at a reduced price until the end of October – find out more.

  • Everything included from camera to software licence
  • Low system price, special offer until the end of October
  • No hidden follow-up costs


automation with 3D Vision

Many tasks in areas such as robotics and automation can only be successfully solved on the basis of 3D data. Whether with fully integrated housing, modular design or integrated data processing: the stereo vision models of the Ensenso N, X and XR families stand out for their precision as well as their cost-effectiveness and speed. In addition, we now offer you the new, cost-effective Ensenso S series, which works with AI-based laser point pattern triangulation instead of stereo vision. As a result, the Ensenso 3D cameras cover a wide range of requirements. We will be happy to show you the advantages of the new Ensenso S10 camera at our trade fair booth with the help of our demo system.

Detailed linformation

Ultra-compact and cost-efficient

Ensenso S was specifically designed for 3D applications that require budget-friendly, easy-to-integrate and industrial-grade camera technology. Large-volume and price-sensitive projects in logistics, automation or agriculture in particular can now benefit from industrial-grade 3D image processing.

  • Equipped with an ultra-compact zinc die-cast housing (IP 65/67), a 1.6 MP Sony sensor and an infrared LED laser
  • Delivers fast and accurate 3D data using laser point triangulation, supported by artificial intelligence
  • Provides robust 3D information even in low ambient light and can therefore be used in a wide range of applications