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04. - 06.10.2022


Messe Stuttgart

"Machine vision is a key technology for automation technology, especially in conjunction with 3D vision and artificial intelligence. 3D image processing enables robots to "see" - machine learning, on the other hand, ensures that image processing systems make decisions flexibly and independently. The potential of such applications is enormous. At VISION, visitors will learn how we facilitate access to these key technologies and help to initiate and optimise automation processes in a wide range of industries with easy-to-use components."


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uEye+ industrial cameras

Seeing more with 2D vision

From particularly fast and high-resolution to particularly focussed and particularly cost-effective - at VISION we will be presenting numerous new and further developments in the 2D camera sector. Due to the increasing improvement and miniaturisation of image processing technology (such as cameras and sensors), the higher performance and capacity of data processing systems and, last but not least, thanks to increasingly sophisticated software, image processing is becoming more and more an indispensable component within automation. Click on the "Detailed information" button now and find out more about our trade fair innovations.

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uEye Warp10: High speed for applications

With 10 times the transmission bandwidth of 1GigE cameras and approximately twice the speed of cameras with USB 3.0 interfaces, the recently launched uEye Warp10 camera family with 10GigE interface is the fastest in the IDS range. At VISION, we will demonstrate that these models will not only set standards in terms of speed, but also resolution. Thanks to the TFL mount, it is now possible to integrate much higher resolution sensors than before - this means that even detailed inspections with a high clock rate and a large amount of data will be possible over long cable distances. The industrial lens mount allows the cameras to fully utilise the potential of large format (larger than 1.1") and high resolution sensors (up to 45 MP). Click here for the product landing page >>

uEye XC: Automatically perfect images

The compact 13 MP autofocus camera closes the gap in the market between an industrial camera and a webcam, delivering perfectly sharp images and videos even with varying object distances. This makes the USB3 camera from the Vision Standard-compliant uEye+ product line highly versatile and suitable for everything from kiosk systems and logistics to robotics applications. With the practical uEye XC Starter set, you receive a comprehensive package with which you can evaluate and use the entire range of functions. It contains not only the camera, tripod adapter and cable, but also a macro lens. This lens shortens the minimum possible object distance in a simple way and thus opens up additional application possibilities. Visit the product landing page >>

uEye XLS: Smallest board camera with cost-optimised design

IDS presents prototypes of another member of its low-cost portfolio at the fair. The name uEye XLS indicates that it is a small version of the popular uEye XLE series. In fact, the models will be the smallest IDS board-level cameras in the range. They are aimed at users who - e.g. for embedded applications - require particularly cost-effective, extremely compact board-level cameras with and without lens holders in large quantities. They can look forward to Vision Standard-compliant low-cost project cameras with various global shutter sensors and trigger options.

IDS peak: Comprehensive software environment for IDS cameras

IDS peak is the SDK of choice for our uEye+ and uEye industrial cameras. The software allows you to quickly and easily capture initial images and to evaluate and configure your cameras in detail without having to write a line of programming code. In our range, uEye+ refers to industrial cameras that are addressed via the GigE Vision and USB3 Vision protocol standards and are compatible with any GenICam-compliant application. uEye cameras (matchcode component "UI") do not have standard-compliant vision firmware and therefore require IDS driver software for use in a machine vision application. For new projects we therefore recommend the use of uEye+ industrial cameras. You will find all the information you need to get started and change over, as well as a detailed description of the essential functions of the software development kit, on our IDS peak software page >>

IDS NXT AI Vision System

For beginners and professionals

Today, cameras are often more than just providers of images - they can recognise objects, generate results or trigger follow-up processes. IDS NXT makes it particularly easy for users to take advantage of this potential. The system offers both beginners and professionals enormous scope for designing AI vision applications. The intelligent IDS NXT cameras can process tasks "on device", thus delivering image processing results themselves and can trigger subsequent processes directly. The range of tasks is determined by apps that run on the cameras. Their functionality can thus be changed at any time. At VISION, we will present exciting further developments in the hardware and software sector. For example, we are not only expanding the machine learning methods to include anomaly detection, but are also presenting an additional, significantly faster hardware platform that shortens inference times by up to twenty times, can therefore execute neural networks many times faster and hence enables AI-based image analyses in the live image.

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IDS NXT ocean Creative Kit: Perfect for getting started

Developing an AI vision solution usually requires expertise, programming effort and investment in computing and storage hardware. Not so with IDS NXT: the all-in-one system comes with all the tools and workflows you need, so you can focus entirely on your application. If you want to test the system and evaluate its potential for your purposes, you should take a look at the IDS NXT ocean Creative Kit. It gives you all the components you need to create, train and run a neural network. In addition to an IDS NXT industrial camera with 1.6 MP Sony sensor, lens, cable and tripod adapter, the package includes, among other things, six months' access to IDS NXT lighthouse. You can find all information on IDS NXT here >>

Ensenso 3D cameras

For a better vision of robots

3D camera technology is an indispensable component in many automation projects. With the Ensenso 3D industrial cameras, IDS offers a solution for 3D image capture that impresses with precision as well as economy and speed. Whether with fully integrated housing, modular design or integrated data processing: the N, S, X and XR families offer solutions for a wide range of requirements. In the near future, an additional model will be added to the product range. Click on "Detailed information" and learn more about further hardware and software developments.

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online marketplace for image processing solutions

On the online marketplace visionpier, users can find numerous image processing solutions, both with classic image processing technology and with artificial intelligence. They can easily select the system that suits them and contact the suppliers. This saves valuable development time and ensures that forward-looking applications can be realised quickly and easily. IDS operates the platform with the aim of bringing suppliers and users together, demonstrating the potential of machine vision for new projects and making solutions accessible in a low-threshold manner. Visitors to the trade fair can familiarise themselves with the range of products and services and even directly request solutions for their applications.

Industrial VISION Days 2022

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New easiness of AI Vision with IDS NXT

With the convenient entry options of the AI system IDS NXT, finding, counting, checking or sorting is possible even without knowing the syntax of a specific programming language. Learn how - thanks to this new easiness - embedded AI vision becomes accessible to everyone.

  • Date: 05.10.2022, 14:20 - 14:40
  • Stage: Industrial Vision Days
  • Speaker: Dr. Martin Hennemann, IDS