Release Notes for IDS Vision Suite 1.1


These release notes describe the changes of the IDS Vision Suite 1.1, which introduces new features, general improvements and bug fixes.

IDS Vision Cockpit

New pixel formats

New pixel formats
New pixel formats

More pixel formats can be set in the IDS Vision Cockpit:

  • BayerBG10p / BayerBG12p
  • BayerGB10p / BayerGB12p
  • BayerGR10p / BayerGR12p

Image saving formats

In addition to BMP, PNG and JPG, images can be saved in other lossless saving formats:

  • pbm: Portable BitMap
  • pgm: Portable GrayMap
  • ppm: Portable PixMap
  • xbm: X BitMap
  • xpm: X PixMap

IDS Vision Suite tools

  • An additional parameter has been added to the command line tool ids_devicecommand to set a timeout value for certain function calls.
  • The firmware update tool ids-deviceupdate allows multiple cameras to be updated simultaneously.
  • The firmware update of GigE Vision cameras can be started by double-clicking on the GUF file.


  • New GigE Vision Core (kernel)
  • CustomTL nodes for better handling and control of camera connections in the network, e. g. with control monitors, extended loss handling and timeouts.
  • Consumer Sample shows how to open and configure a camera with GenICam.

Consumer Sample
Consumer Sample


With this version, the IDS Vision Suite will be available as Windows 32-bit version in addition to Windows 64-bit. The porting to Linux embedded systems is also planned.

Known issues

  • If network adapters are added, removed, activated or deactivated after opening the IDS Vision Cockpit, the changes are only visible after restarting the IDS Vision Cockpit.
  • For a working packet retransmission, you have to ensure that the image buffer corresponds to the image size to be received.

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