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The Future of Farming and Food processing - AI in Food- and Farm- Automation

Image processing solutions are used to accelerate, control and optimise processes. When artificial intelligence comes into play, the range of applications becomes even wider. This is especially true for agriculture and the food industry, as a wide variety of objects and processes are difficult to control with hard-coded vision applications.

In this free online Vision Channel event, you get to know solutions which aim to change the game. With two guest speakers and a short demonstration of the capabilities of our own, intelligent embedded vision system IDS NXT we promise to make it worth your time. Sign up now and join us for the cluster session “The Future of Farming and Food Processing - AI in Food- and Farm-Automation” on May 31st.

This event is especially useful if you ever wondered about these questions:

  • How am I able to guarantee best quality products in food procession?
  • How can I detect plant diseases in vineyards in an early stage?
  • How can I use AI-based image processing without prior knowledge of Deep Learning?

The speakers from Genie Enterprise Inc., Strelen Control Systems GmbH and IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH will present real use cases and answer any questions you might have. The sessions are held in English, the discussions take place in both German and English.

Participation is free and requires only signing up to the event. As a registered user, you have also access to many more videos in our IDS Vision Channel media library. We’re looking forward to seeing you on May 31st!

For more information about IDS NXT, please visit www.ids-nxt.com

If you’d like to discover exciting turnkey vision solutions, we recommend to take a look at the visionpier marketplace via https://en.ids-imaging.com/visionpier.html