Generate synthetic image training data for your deep learning vision guided robotics application.

Generate 2.5D images of objects with 6 DoF, environments, grasping points and labels. The optimal solution to train your deep learning models.

- We offer computer generated synthetic images on demand, to represent 2D / 3D scenes in industrial environments. - By applying simulation and parametrization techniques to make every image unique, the dataset exhaustively represents each scene variable in their defined spectrum of values. - During the generation process, we create labels as required for the vision task at hand - choose from within 14 label types. - Integrators and users of AI based vision systems can use this synthetic data to train and validate deep learning models in vision guided robotics applications. - Your deep learning models will benefit from the use of controlled high quality, high fidelity image training data with pixel precise labels. Better data leads to more precise and reliable models.


We have generated images for projects involving handling of a range of objects in applications such as random bin picking, part kitting, machine tending, quality inspection etc. References on demand.

Price description:

- Price includes images and labels as per project specifications. - Price includes a statistical report of the delivered dataset. - Data benchmarking and model training are not included. These services can be offered at additional costs.

Price: on request

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