Don't lose your connection - Why it makes sense to switch to USB 3.0 now

In industrial environments, everything revolves around reliability, productivity and stability. Processes and equipment are subject to numerous certifications. Changes are planned and tested well in advance. No-one allows themselves to be dazzled by the limitless possibilities of technologies that are still in their infancy. And a healthy dose of skepticism towards new things is par for the course. In any case, the optimization of processes and workflows can best be planned using known technologies.
But how do you know when a technology is really ready to be deployed? At what point can you be sure there's no risk you may actually be sitting on a ticking technology time bomb? And, until that point arrives, is the best strategy to sit back and wait? But just think, where would we be today if we had never allowed ourselves to get on board with new technologies? How can we bring about a fourth industrial revolution by sticking to what's been tried and tested and resting on the incomplete knowledge of others?