Visualization and image processing without a PC

IDS uEye XS 2 - USB 2.0 industrial camera- Raspberry Pi

The latest trend

Economic ARM-based single-board computer

More than 2.5 million sold boards, a wealth of functions and at an unbeatable price, the tiny Raspberry Pi has revolutionized the embedded mini computer market. The Raspberry Pi hype does not only include consumers but developers alike.

Yet the ARM based single-board computer also offer outstanding possibilities for machine vision applications. There are simply no limits!

IDS uEye XS 2 - USB 2.0 industrial camera- Raspberry Pi, space-saving, economic

The new XS and the Raspberry Pi

A perfect combination for space-saving and economic visualization and image processing tasks.

Right now you can download the IDS Software Suite for all Raspberry Pi chipsets. Besides the uEye driver the package also includes the uEye Cockpit for comfortable setup and control of all functions of the XS camera.
Due to numerous auto features and small dimensions the new USB 2.0 XS mini camera is recommended as a perfectsupplement to the Raspberry Pi. At VGA resolution framerates up to 30 fps are achievable.
The combination of the XS camera and Raspberry Pi already enables simple and cost-effective applications like kiosk systems, surveillance systems and visualization in medical engineering.