Fully automatic scanning of the entire vehicle surface

With the IUNA AI AutoScanner, the condition of vehicle surfaces can be checked fully automatically and in real time.


Fully automatic scanning of the entire vehicle surface

The IUNA AutoScanner can be used flexibly for vehicle quality assurance. With the help of high-resolution cameras, deep-learning-based AI models and continuous tracking of the vehicle's position, surface defects of various types can be classified and localized on the vehicle surface fully automatically.


The IUNA AI AutoScanner is used at Audi AG to track the surface of vehicles during the manufacturing process across multiple stations (paint shop, body shop, finish).

Price description:

After individual consultation of your application, you will receive an offer from us. The IUNA AutoScanner ranges in price from 100,000-250,000 euros depending on the application and specification. The AutoScanner supports a variety of common interfaces and can be easily integrated into existing manufacturing processes. Installation and commissioning are included in the price.

Price: on request

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AI.SEE™ – Seamless quality management through automated surface inspection

AI.SEE™️ is a visual quality control and defect detection system for manufacturers based on artificial intelligence.


AI.SEE™ – Seamless quality management through automated surface inspection

Surfaces in particular, such as metal and plastic parts, must be aesthetically and functionally flawless. The smallest defects can lead to expensive complaints, safety deficiencies and loss of function. AI.SEE™ enables precise, fast and cost-effective quality assurance for surfaces using computer vision in combination with machine learning algorithms.


Our customer base consists of companies from various industries, e.g. automotive, healthcare, food & beverage and energy.

Price description:

Please feel free to contact us for any additional info.

Price: on request

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AICC 2.0 - mobile inspection system that semi-automatically detects damage patterns on composite mat

AICC 2.0 - enables automated recording and evaluation of defect images and their integration into networked production


AICC 2.0 - mobile inspection system that semi-automatically detects damage patterns on composite mat

AICC 2.0 consists of two components: a recording unit and a computer unit. The recording unit has an integrated camera with fixed optics and an illumination device. By creating interfaces to and developing and implementing self-learning algorithms, process control and quality control can be designed efficiently.


During the machining of CFRP components, AICC 2.0 can detect chipping on the matrix material, fraying and detachment directly at the cutting edge.

Price: on request

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You want to become a vendor and offer your solutions on visionpier? Read more about your opportunities, benefits as well as the participation terms, and the registration process. It's best to get started right away.

The online marketplace visionpier

offers the full range of image processing solutions, whether with classic image processing or with artificial intelligence.

visonpier brings end users and providers together. Users gain access to experts and can choose the right system for them from different areas or have individual adaptations made. With the solutions offered, companies can save valuable development time and quickly and easily realise future-oriented applications. For example, assembly inspections and quality controls can be optimised, logistics or spare parts management can be automated and topics such as smart city and smart faming can be targeted.


Do you have a question? You may find the answer you need here:

How should the solution I offer be described?

The customers of the marketplace should get a broad overview of what is possible with AI Vision. It is not important to describe the technology, but the concrete application. It should be described in such a way that the customer gets a precise idea of how the solution could be implemented in his field and what potential it offers for his company.

Who can register?

Companies use IDS industrial cameras for their solution.
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Is the registration and use of visionpier free of charge?

Yes, visionpier is free of charge for both solution providers and customers. The only condition of use: orders placed via visionpier must be equipped with IDS cameras.

See GTC.

What advantages does visionpier offer me?

Our marketplace offers you a free sales channel and thus the opportunity to receive inquiries and present your solution to customers interested in machine vision.

Can I offer more than one solution or modify existing ones?

Yes, multiple solutions can be offered per vendor. We check every new solution or change and release it as soon as possible.

What happens with my profile and posted pictures?

The content of the profile and the images remain the property of the solution provider. However, IDS reserves the right to use images and information for advertising purposes for the marketplace and your solution.

Who is the contractor?

visionpier is only an intermediary. Customer inquiries will be forwarded directly to the respective vendor and implemented by them. The vendor agrees to pass on phases of implementation to visionpier: Contacting, order acceptance, processing and invoicing.

How does visionpier ensure data security?

We take data protection very seriously. The protection and security of your data is important to us. Please also read our Privacy Policy.

How can I contact visionpier?

We are looking forward to your inquiries! You can reach us by mail:
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What happens if I receive a request but cannot implement the request at that time?

The satisfaction of our customers is very important to us. Should this occur, please let us know as soon as possible (after 48 hours at the latest) so that we can pass the request on to another marketplace participant.

Where can I find visionpier's general terms and conditions?

You can find the general terms and conditions (GTC) here: GTC

What advantages does visionpier offer me?

On our online marketplace you will find a large selection of applications of innovative imaging solutions with and without AI and receive expert advice. By directly connecting customers and solution providers, you can quickly find solutions to your problem and save valuable development time.

What happens to my request?

visionpier is only a mediator. You submit your request directly to one or more vendors of your choice. The request will be forwarded directly by visionpier. The vendor will contact you as soon as possible. Your contractual partner is the solution provider when the order is placed.

Does my inquiry trigger an order?

No. The solution provider receives your request and contacts you immediately to discuss details and your individual needs. You will discuss the process and quote directly with the solution provider.

What happens if I don't find a suitable solution?

The solution applications are only application examples. Describe your problem and we will connect you with a suitable solution provider to discuss your application.