With uEye Warp10 to new applications

  • uEye Warp10 speeds up your machine vision application
  • Present what makes the Warp10 special compared to existing IDS cameras
  • Present applications which profits from the speed
  • Technical facts

Discover new spheres for camera applications thanks to uEye Warp10 - the soon to be launched camera series by IDS achieves up to 10 times the transmission bandwidth of your typical 1GigE camera. Join this IDS Vision Channel Session for an exclusive look at the features and capabilities of the IDS uEye+ 10GigE cameras. Together, we will take a closer look on the available models and their technical facts. Furthermore, we will present an overview of applications which profit from uEye Warp10 in particular, enabeling you to accelerate your applications to exceptionally high speeds and beyond.