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Here you will find the most popular machine vision libraries, including HALCON, MERLIC, LabView, Common Vision Blox and many more. They are all supported by the uEye interfaces.


PyuEye interface for object-oriented programming with Python

The PyuEye interface allows you to use uEye cameras with the object-oriented programming language Python. Benefit from many Python advantages, for example the interactive programming of your uEye camera. Write and test small code snippets without the complex setup of a development environment with a toolchain. The PyuEye interface is ideal for prototyping uEye camera applications for all supported uEye platforms (Windows, Linux, Linux Embedded).

Windows system requirements for PyuEye interface
System requirements: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 (32-/64-bit),
Python ≥ 2.7.9 or Python ≥ 3.4
Linux systemrequirements for PyuEye interface
System requirements: Linux (32-/64-bit) or Linux Embedded,
Python ≥ 2.7.9 or Python ≥ 3.4

The PyuEye interface is hosted on as an open source project. You can download the latest version or install it directly on your system using the Python package management PIP.

Information about the current software version can be found in the PyuEye release notes.