Corporate management

From left to right: Daniel Seiler & Jürgen Hartmann (founder and owner)

Jürgen Hartmann studied electronics at the University of Applied Sciences Heilbronn. During a laboratory work, he came into contact with image processing for the first time. After completing his studies, he started working as applications engineer at the German subsidiary of an American company for metrology and machine vision. The idea of developing PC plug-in cards for image processing in Germany arose. In 1997 he founded the IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH together with a partner. Under his leadership the manufacturer of analogue frame grabbers successfully entered the world of digital industrial cameras in 2004.

Portrait of Jürgen Hartmann: Read more about the IDS company history >>

Daniel Seiler has a degree in communications engineering and has been working for IDS since 2005. After holding several positions within the company, e.g. in the application engineering and marketing department, he was responsible for setting up the US business. Since 2015, Seiler is part of the IDS management board.