With our products we shape the future. For us, this means thinking and acting holistically. It is not only economic aspects that determine our decisions, but also their impact on people and the environment.

Our sustainable, ethical business practices actively protect the environment.

— IDS Guiding Principle —

Climate neutral cameras

The carbon footprint of uEye CP and ACP cameras is fully offset, which is why they can call themselves "climate neutral". This is done, among other things, by supporting the First Climate project "Efficient cooking stoves in Uganda".

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Climate neutral camera families

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Green logistics

In addition to developing and producing climate-friendly cameras, we believe we should also deliver them to our customers in a climate-friendly way. This is done with the help of plastic-free, recycled packaging materials and CO2-neutral transport worldwide.

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Green logistics

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Climate protection saves energy

Climate protection is closely linked to the issue of power generation. IDS relies on 100% green electricity, green gas and self-generated solar energy.

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Climate protection through power and technology

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Eco-friendly mobility

Corporate mobility management makes a significant contribution to environmental protection. In addition to the use of e-company vehicles, company bike leasing or a subsidised ticket for public transport can also be used.

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Resource and environmentally friendly mobility

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Mobility is one aspect of environmental protection. In this regard, IDS has set itself the goal of converting its entire vehicle fleet to electric cars. Since 2017, there have already been several e-charging stations on the company premises, which are powered by self-generated electricity.

To promote the use of public transport, IDS subsidises the tickets of the regional public transport network.

Even more environmentally friendly than electric vehicles or public transport is, of course, the bicycle. For this reason, we offer our employees the option of leasing a company bike, which is extremely popular.

Climate-friendly thinking

Working at IDS is also designed to be climate-friendly. The paperless office is nothing new, but it makes working in the home office much easier. Local sourcing is also a top priority. Our company restaurant not only operates sustainably, but is also supplied by regional producers.

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Climate-friendly action and thinking ahead at IDS

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Busy little bees

In addition to diligent employees, busy bees also populate the IDS company premises. Founder and CEO Jürgen Hartmann and his wife Ellen are passionate beekeepers and contribute to the protection of biodiversity with their beehives.

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Busy little bees on the company premises

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The general environmental awareness is evident, among other things, in the importance of the bee. To protect biodiversity, the IDS company premises are populated by bee colonies. These are kept by our founder and managing director Jürgen Hartmann and his wife themselves. With the bees and an insect-friendly planting of the company premises, IDS contributes to the protection of species and the preservation of our ecosystem. In addition, the many industrious pollinators help the surrounding agriculture.

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