IDS Ensenso stereo cameras with USB 2.0 & GigE (PoE)

Ensenso 3D cameras for 3D vision and robot vision applications!

Quick, easy, precise

3D machine vision is the future for robot vision. Many applications in robotics and automated serial production can only be satisfactorily implemented using three-dimensional data. This applies equally to challenging assembly processes such as bonding and welding, and to the notoriously tricky process of bin picking. The Ensenso 3D cameras from IDS represents a solution for 3D image capture that is impressively precise, cost-efficient and fast.
The Ensenso 3D cameras work according to the "projected texture stereo vision" principle. Each model has two integrated CMOS sensors and a projector that casts a high-contrast textures onto the object to be captured by using a pattern mask.

Ensenso Operation

FlexView technology

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Ensenso 3D camera models

The new definition of 3D vision

N series

X series

The Ensenso camera selector helps you to choose the right model for your application.

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