Tailored to your requirements - Customised cameras from IDS

IDS, tailor-made for your Applications - Special Developments from IDS, Industrial cameras, uEye- and VSE camera series

Customised cameras from our uEye camera range provide you with the high quality, excellent functionality and ease of use that you have come to expect. We modify our tried and tested standard products so that they meet your requirements: From slight changes to the design, to OEM solutions, through to special hardware and software alterations. We see it as our responsibility to guarantee you the optimum solution for your application and your specific demands. No more and no less.

Take advantage of our experience and our extensive internal development and design resources, and benefit from the expert knowledge of our experienced application and engineering teams. As well as feasibility studies, our services include practical assistance with system integration and providing general or application-specific training.

The benefits to you

Save time

...thanks to our extensive experience in software and hardware development and our many years of handling complex customer-specific projects. You do not need to acquire any additional specialist knowledge, and can concentrate totally on your own core competences.

Increase the security of your investment

...thanks to our high quality standards, use of state of the art technologies, our excellent long-term product availability and, last but not least, the benefits of working with a reliable and stable partner.

Improve your profitability

...by optimising your costs. Your camera is optimised to meet your requirements. The modular concept of our products and our expert engineering teams enable us to develop and produce customised solutions cost efficiently.

Extend your competitive advantage over the long term

...thanks to optimum performance of your instruments/machines, and thus increase your productivity, for example by minimising stoppages and downtimes.

What is possible?

A great deal! But we only develop and produce what you genuinely need. Examples of modifications include:

  • OEM solutions, for example changes to the appearance/design and labeling
  • Changes to the construction, for example the housing or the board design for board level cameras
  • Changes to the electronics
  • Individual choice of connector types
  • Porting to ARM systems
  • Software and driver adaptation, for example special functions or EEPROM entries
  • Driver porting to ARM systems
  • Special camera setup services, such as lens installation


Simply tell us about your needs. We will be pleased to help you.

A main contact will support you throughout the entire realisation process.