Unique requirements, unique solutions - Modified based on the development know-how of IDS

Special hardware and software developments

Tailor-made according to your requirements

If a standard solution is out of the question for your application, our experienced developers come into play. For volume projects, we can make almost anything technically possible - from customer-specific branding / white label and individual designs to special software adaptations. Simply make use of our comprehensive know-how. On request, we will also be happy to prepare feasibility studies for you, support you in system integration and offer general or application-specific training. Our range of services also includes special services for camera equipment, such as mounting or focusing lenses.

For smaller projects we also offer individual modular solutions. You can find all information here >>

Customer-specific adaptations (excerpt):

  • Changes in the appearance/design of hardware and software
  • Changes in the design, e.g. the housing or the board form
  • Individual selection of connector types
  • Changes in electronics
  • Implementation of specific special functions

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