IDS Ensenso C 3D camera

Ensenso C-Series

Coloured 3D vision

200 W projector power

Depth accuracy

Compact dimensions

Industrial grade

IP65/67 protection

Color sensor

The next step for 3D cameras

Without compromise, the new C series combines all Ensenso advantages in the 3D vision environment. Digital twins can finally also distinguish colour. Despite simplified handling and a more compact design, voluminous applications benefit from higher reproducible Z-accuracy and more light output from the projector electronics. And the more uniform housings of the available model variants also enable a higher cost efficiency in the 3D upper class.

Front view of the Ensenso C57-S with short baseline and M with long baseline

Readymade models

Immediately applicable at any working distance

Various model variants with alternative baselines (distance of the stereo cameras: S: 240 mm, M: 455 mm) and focal lengths are available for various application scenarios. The coordinate systems of the stereo and RGB cameras are fully calibrated against each other. In addition, all lenses, including the pattern projector, are factory preset to the field of view and working distance of the respective model, thus facilitating handling and commissioning.

Fully integrated RGB sensor

Colour vision is not a privilege, but a desirable quality

The additional RGB sensor generates texture data that supplements the 3D point cloud with true colour information, thus ensuring realistic 3D images. This makes it easier to distinguish coloured objects for subsequent processes.

Front and rear view of the Ensenso C shows the compactness of the stereo 3D camera system

Compact and robust

Fully enclosed housing without corners and edges

Due to the extremely compact design, all internal components of the C-Series are optimally protected against all external influences according to IP65/67 and are even more resistant to vibrations and shocks.

200 watt projector

High 3D resolution even in difficult situations

The new optimized design of the C-Series enables highly efficient operation of the projector electronics with up to 200 watt power. This results in exceptionally high luminosity of the new FlexView3 Pattern, improving pattern contrast on objects even at long distances.

Z-noise < 0.1 mm

Reproducibly precise at long distance

With a large baseline and small field of view, the M models (455 mm) achieve a reproducible Z accuracy of 0.1 mm at 1 m object distance. The optimized housing design minimizes temperature-related deviations of the depth values to a minimum (e.g.: 0.075 mm deviation at 30 cm distance and 10°C temperature change).

Detailed view of small objects that are still detected

3D data with high detail sharpness enable presence checks of smallest objects (~1 mm), such as SMD components on electronic assemblies.

One camera, many applications

Detect & Recognize

Automated spatial detection and gripping of moving objects increases productivity in many applications. The high-luminance projector also ensures high pattern contrast for singleshot images, resulting in detailed, robust 3D data for object handling.

Bin Picking

The capabilities of the applied 3D camera impact the robot's ability to successfully detect, pick and place parts. The Ensenso C extends these capabilities with the integrated RGB sensor for colour-dependent applications.


Automated palletizing of arbitrary packages and goods is still a challenge in logistics applications. The Ensenso C enables reliable detection of object size, rotation and actual position even with different and densely stacked goods, even from a great distance.

Test & Measuring

Contactless measurement and inspection of quality parameters in large-volume applications from greater object distances requires high reproducible 3D resolution. Large baselines and a powerful pattern projector ensure optimal feature recognition in millimetre range even at working distances up to 5 m.

Examples from practice

Plan your project

Camera data

Ensenso SDK

Cameras of the Ensenso C camera family are easy to set up and operate via the Ensenso SDK. In addition to wizards for easy setup and camera calibration support for the 3D cameras, it also includes GPU-based image processing for even faster 3D data processing.

  • One software package (Ensenso SDK for Windows and Linux) for all Ensenso models
  • MVTec HALCON, C, C++ and C# sample programs with source code
  • Output of a single 3D point cloud with data from all cameras used in multi-camera mode
  • Live composition of the 3D point clouds from multiple viewing directions
  • Robot hand-eye calibration
  • Integration of uEye industrial cameras, for example, to capture additional colour information or barcodes

Ensenso Selector

You can now use the Ensenso camera selector to help you choose components. Simply enter your parameters in the online configuration tool and it will list the best possible combinations for your application.