Application areas of the Ensenso 3D cameras

Automate with 3D vision

Bin Picking

  • The compact Ensenso cameras are perfectly suited for robot applications
  • The EnsensoSDK includes the hand-eye-calibration for robots
  • Optimized object localization by using CAD data
  • Information about the positions of objects and obstacles enable high gripping speed by full motion planning

Possible applications:

  • Logistics automation
  • (De-)Palletizing
  • Conveyor belt equipping
  • Factory automation
  • Storage systems

3D object reconstruction

Determination of possible woodcutting

Wood measuring with Ensenso cameras enables significant reduction potential in the wood industry.

  • High accuracy in size classification and objective determination of the wood quality
  • Early detection of object characteristics like structural damage or wood rot
  • Determination of possible woodcutting for cost opimization

For this outdoor application the Ensenso cameras use the natural object textures (wood structure) which are produced by direct sunlight. (Passive Stereo Vision)

Download case study:
Defect detection

Object detection and classification

  • Classification and counting by shape recognition
  • Object identification enhancement by using aditional color information
  • Sorting of defective parts by means of detected size deviations
  • Size division by quick volume determination

Possible applications:

  • Commissioning
  • Quality assurance

3D measurement

Portable 3D foot scanner
Processing of image data

The digitization of real body or shape dimensions is suitable for:

  • Manufacturing of custom-fit shoe insoles or splints
  • Orthopedic applications or services
Download case study:

The Ensenso camera selector helps you to choose the right model for your application.

Ensenso camera selector